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Black Tide

Black Tide, then known as 'Radio', spent most of '05 on the bench after signing a demo deal with Atlantic Records. Nothing happened.

It wasn't until '07 that they were signed to Interscope.

A year later, the Miami based band released their debut album, "Light From Above." Their second effort, "Post Mortem," dropped in '11 with the EPs "Just Another Drug" and "Bite The Bullet" following.

In the Metal world there were two ways to get immediate attention. One was to be female and the other was to be young. Black Tide's leverage was their youth. Still teens. But that had its own drawbacks.

They were slated to play the second stage of Ozzfest, but were removed from that slot because the stage was sponsored by Jagermeister (a liqueur) and all of the members of Black Tide were under the legal drinking age.

However, they were allowed to play the main stage at some venues.

The group's debut won critical praise and landed at #73 on the Billboard 200, with first week sales of over 11,000 copies.

Kerrang! magazine gave the band the '08 Award for Best Newcomer. Also that year, guitarist Alex Nunez left and was replaced by Austin Diaz who'd dropped The Panix for Black Tide.

As it turned out, Nunez ended up joining The Panix.

"Post Mortem" also landed at #73 while only selling 5,800 copies, a little more than half of their debut, in its first week of release.

In an interview few months after the '12 EP "Just Another Drug" dropped, bassist Zakk Sandler stated he was not invited to be a part of the EP adding that Black Tide was "on hiatus, for lack of a better word."

Within weeks, drummer Steven Spencer announced his departure. "I was waiting for an announcement of my replacement but it's about time I let you all know that I will no longer be in Black Tide," wrote Spencer on Twitter. "I want to thank you all for your support throughout the years. It has been an amazing journey."

Tim D'Onofrio took over on drums and Garcia played bass on the "Bite The Bullet" EP. "We really went back to our roots on this one," wrote Garcia on Facebook.

D'Onofrio was not a long term player, announcing his departure in '13. He added that he left Black Tide on "good terms."

Bassist Ronny Gutierrez and drummer Cody Paige were recruited. Gutierrez discovered Paige on YouTube covering Black Tide songs. But in addition to finding Paige, Gutierrez also found other musical interests, namely Reggae artist Shaggy, and was soon gone.

So now it was down to Garcia, Diaz and Paige for Black Tide's third full-length album, "Chasing Shadows."

Black Tide Discography


2008 Light From Above
2011 Post Mortem
2015 Chasing Shadows

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