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Black Country Communion

Supergroups have been around since the '60's. But a multi-generational supergroup is still a rarity. Black Country Communion is one of them. Bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes was born in the '50s (August 21st, '51), both drummer Jason Bonham and keyboardist Derek Sherinian arrived in '66 (July 15th and August 25th, respectively). The youngest member of the band is guitarist, Joe Bonamassa, was born in '77 (May 8th).

The cross-generational band members have varied yet impressive pedigree. Bonamassa has over a dozen solo albums to his credit. Hughes is remembered for his work with both Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Sherinian has backed Alice Cooper and Alice In Chains but is best known as the keyboardist for Dream Theater. Bonham, the son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John, has filled in for his father on the rare Zeppelin reunion shows and fronted his own band, Bonham.

Having known each other for some time, it took a joint L.A. appearance for Hughes and Bonamassa to decide to record together. Their producer, Kevin Shirley suggested adding Bonham. Not wanting to be another "power trio", Sherinian was brought in.

The group was originally named Black Country after the industrial part of England where Hughes and Bonham were from. But another band already had the name so they became Black Country Communion. However, their '10 debut album was simply titled "Black Country." "2" followed a year later. As a result, Bonamassa received the 2011 Guitarist of the Year Award from Guitar International Magazine.

Sometimes, the biggest problem with a supergroup is not egos, but conflicting schedules. Written largely by Hughes, because Bonamassa was too busy with his solo career, "Afterglow," the group's third set, landed in '12.

Bonamassa's tour schedule seriously inhibited Black Country Communion's opportunities. "I need to be in a band that tours on a regular basis," said Hughes. "If I had a magic wand I'd wave it over everybody's head and go, 'Hey, you guys, we're going to go and do 200 shows and we're going to be a huge Rock 'n' Roll band globally.' It's not gonna happen."

Bonamassa pulled the trigger when he announced he was done with Black Country Communion because there was "too much tension" getting band members onstage.

Hughes and Bonham then launched California Breed with guitarist Andrew Watt.

But as so often happens, the end is not the end, more like an extended break.

Bonamassa reached out to band members and in '17 the group was back in the studio. The result was "BCCIV," which as the title indicated, was their fourth album.

Black Country Communion Discography

Studio Albums:

2010 Black Country
2011 2
2012 Afterglow
2017 BCCIV,

Black Country Communion sound like Mark IV Deep Purple with touches of Zeppelin (the acoustic side) and Sabbath.

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