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Black Cards

So your band, Fall Out Boy, is on hiatus. Other members press on with their own projects (Patrick Stump's solo album and Joseph Trohman and Andrew Hurley's band Damn Things) - and where are you? Lagging to be sure. But not for long. After a spell, FOB bassist Pete Wentz weighed in with Back Cards. "The break is indeed over," wrote Wentz on the group's website.

Black Cards features singer Bebe Rexha, a relative newcomer who Wentz and Sam Hollander discovered while she was auditioning for a separate project in their studio.

"I just heard this voice blasting and I said, 'Why are we so focused on finding a quirky, British girl?'" asked Wentz. "There's somebody in the next room who has these awesome melodies and can really sing and isn't jaded."
"We have completely different influences," Wentz continued. "If I cite a band from the Punk scene, she often has no idea who I'm talking about. Then she'll cite a dance band and I'll have no idea who she's talking about. She's just an awesome, natural talent."

However, the band splintered before it could get rolling. Guitarist Nate Patterson left in '11 and was followed by Rexha months later.

Black Cards Discography


2012 Use Your Disillusion

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