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Black Angels

If you are known by the company you keep, the Black Angels have a great story to tell. The band has toured with The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Raveonettes and Wolfmother.

Then again, songs from the group's second album, '08's "Directions To See A Ghost," were featured in The History Channel's '09 docu-drama, Manson. No doubt the producers felt Black Angels psychedelic laced indie Rock fit the retelling of the Family's late-60s murderous exploits.

Black Angels songs were also heard in the '07 film Death Sentence ("Prodigal Son"), '10's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ("With You In My Head"), the '11 snowboard movie, The Art of Flight ("Young Men Dead"), and the TV shows Fringe and Californication.

Formed in '04, the Austin group took their name from the Velvet Underground song "The Black Angel's Death Song." Written by Lou Reed and John Cale, the track appeared on VU's debut album "The Velvet Underground & Nico." The lyrics are from the perspective of a departed figure, philosophizing about life and death.

That's not the only VU reference. Black Angels logo incorporated a high-contrast negative image of Nico.

Two years after forming, Black Angels released their debut album, "Passover" which was followed by "Directions To See A Ghost."

The band's third album, "Phosphene Dream," dropped in '10. A year later, the EPs "The Black Angels" and "Black Angel Exit," originally released in '05 and '08 respectively, were combined for the Record Store Day LP "Another Nice Pair."

The group's '13 release, their fourth original full-length effort, was titled "Indigo Meadow."
Black Angels Discography


2006 Passover
2008 Directions To See A Ghost
2010 Phosphene Dream
2011 Another Nice Pair (Black Angels' first two EPs)
2013 Indigo Meadow


2005 The Black Angels
2008 Black Angel Exit
2011 Phosgene Nightmare

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