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Billy Idol

Billy Idol

After slaving for years in Generation X, Billy Idol figured it was easy to be a pop star. At least that's what he claimed. Of course, coming from a Punk background there was a 'limit" to how far he'd compromise. Essentially, he stopped at mainstream Rock (with gothic touches). Aided and abetted by Steve Stevens' "shake 'em loose" guitar, Idol hit the big time. Armed with a growl, bleached white spiked hair and a whiplash smile (with the best sneer since Elvis Presley), he Rocked, even on the ballads - always a good sign.

When Idol's approach wore thin he took time off to recuperate from and motorcycle accident and appear in The Doors movie as one of Jim Morrison's cronies. His ventures into cyber-Punk and a return to his 80's sound yielded little. Still, Idol had the look and attitude for the '80s MTV and that's what counted.

Idol released "Charmed Life" in '90 then waited fifteen years before unfurling "Devil's Playground." That effort led to a tour.

Billy Idol Discography

Billy Idol is more a character than Rocker, but his third solo album "Rebel Yell" is his best. There's also Stevens' explosive guitar work. It's full of hits but the title track is Idol's strongest claim to fame. "Vital Idol" puts forth the hits ("White Wedding," "Eyes Without A Face," etc.).

Idol can also be found on Generation X's "Perfect Hits: 1975-81." The set captures the group in all its Punk fury.

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