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Between The Buried And Me

Between The Buried And Me is a great name for a Prog Metal/Death Metal band. However, the name's origin is more benign. It came from a line the Counting Crows' song "Ghost Train," which was on the Crows '93 album "August And Everything After." "I rode a ladder that climbed across the nation/Fifty million feet of earth between the buried and me."

Seven years after "Ghost Train" came out, Between The Buried And Me formed in Raleigh, NC. Their self-title debut dropped in '02 and was followed a year later by "The Silent Circus."

After the release of their sophomore set, Between The Buried And Me went through numerous line-up changes.

Here's the scorecard. Drummer Will Goodyear was replaced by Mark Castillo, who in turn was replaced by Jason Roe, and later by Blake Richardson. Guitarist Nick Fletcher was out. Shane Blay stepped in - but not for long - before being replaced by Dustie Waring. There wasn't any stability on bass either. Original member Jason King was gone. However, Kevin Falk didn't pan out so Dan Briggs was recruited.

Got that? Good. Because the line-up of Tommy Giles Rogers (vocals/keyboards), Paul Waggoner (guitar), Waring (rhythm guitar), Briggs (bass) and Richardson (drums) recorded the group's third album, "Alaska," and remained intact.

After "Alaska," Between The Buried And Me issued a covers album titled "The Anatomy Of" which consisted songs originally recorded by Metallica, King Crimson, Pantera, Queen, Pink Floyd, Counting Crows, and Soundgarden.

"Colors," the group's fourth studio album of original material dropped in '07. "It's a 65 minute opus of non-stop pummeling beautiful music... we have described this release as 'new wave polka grunge'," stated the band. The album was also called "adult contemporary progressive Death Metal."

Between The Buried And Me used another colorful description for their next set, "The Great Misdirect." "(The album is) a noisy Coalesce breakdown, 3/4 Mastodon groove, 9/8 The Mars Volta, Queen chromatic build up, and Megadeth chorus."

The EP, "The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues" was released in '11 with a full-length follow-up, "The Parallax II: Future Sequence," dropping a year later.

There was a difficult moment in '15 when Richardson walked off the stage during the band's set in Salt Lake City. "I've been battling with a nerve issue in my left leg this entire tour," stated Richardson who later apologized for his actions. "The pain in my leg, coupled with a night full of technical difficulties, caused me to lash out in frustration."

Between The Buried And Me Discography

Studio Albums:

2002 Between The Buried And Me
2003 The Silent Circus
2005 Alaska
2007 Colors
2009 The Great Misdirect
2011 The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
2012 The Parallax II: Future Sequence

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