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Aztec Camera

Aztec Camera

Like any other decade the '80s produced numerous one-hit wonders. But the thing about the '80s was people finally came to the realization the charts didn't matter. The one "hit" was more the group's signature song rather than a chart topper. "Oblivious" was Aztec Camera's song.

The group, hailing from Scotland, was built around guitarist/vocalist Roddy Frame. Frame had a way with lyrics and music styles. The latter was ultimately his undoing since he stretched beyond the audience's grasp. "Oblivious" was one of those rare creations; an acoustic song that Rocks. Under the guitar the bass thumped along with a playful spirit. "Oblivious" had a great rhythm, an undeniable intimacy and an upbeat feel, even though the lyrics took a couple dark turns.

Another memorable Aztec Camera effort was an acoustic version of Van Halen's mega-hit "Jump." While a cover of any Van Halen song might be questionable, in Frame's hands, the thing works. It's really more of an alternative interpretation than a cover.

Later, with and without Aztec Camera, Frame tried his hand at incorporating House and Rap without much success.

Aztec Camera Discography


1983 High Land, Hard Rain
1984 Knife
1987 Love
1990 Stray
1993 Dreamland
1995 Frestonia

"High Land, Hard Rain" Aztec Camera's debut containing "Oblivious" is the obvious choice.

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