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The music industry buzz went something like this: "Check it out. Incubus' Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger have kid brothers, and they're in this band with Einziger's half-brother on bass. Can't miss. Right?"

While Audiovent had a notable musical pedigree, their rise was hardly a slam-dunk. Vocalist Jason Boyd, guitarist/songwriter Benjamin Einziger, bassist Paul Fried and drummer Jamin Wilcox formed Vent in the early '90s. Performing in and around their native Calabasas, California, the group released an indie effort in '99.

Being in a group is (hopefully) a long-term relationship. Growing up with divorce, step-parents and a truckload of unresolved issues can make people wary of such commitments. Then there's day-to-day hassles; performing, working on songs, arguing over the group's direction, image and God knows what. Put it all together and it's easy to understand why most groups never celebrate their one-year anniversary. These stark facts led Vent to group therapy sessions. Some psychiatrist out there has tapped into the motherlode. You can almost hear a member of a rising group telling a record label, "we won't sign with you unless you guarantee us a big name producer and a top shrink - one that will tour."

Re-naming themselves Audiovent, they signed with Atlantic Records. Their major label debut, "Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris" rolled out in '01. Benjamin Einziger composed all tracks.

Audiovent Discography


2002 Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris

The hard driving "Energy" was the first single to score from "Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris." Great start. The group rips through "Looking Down," "I Can't Breathe" and "Gravity" as well.

While Audiovent's sound bares some resemblance to Incubus (it would be hard not to), "Sweet Frustration" and "Beautiful Addiction." illustrate they have well-developed pop leanings, while still Rockin'. Out of the gate Audiovent is worth the trip.

Indie release "Vent" doesn't show the group in a good light and clearly illustrates the need for more work and focus - which they achieved.

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