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Attack Attack!

Early in a band's career it's not uncommon to lose a member or two. In the case of Attack Attack!, originally known as Shazam but changed due to copyright issues, it was Ricky Lortz and Nick White. What was unusual was the departure of a founding member who is also the frontman. That happened to the Westerville, OH, band in '08 when Austin Carlile was fired mid-tour due to personal differences.

But before Carlile departed, Attack Attack! issued the EP "If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?" That effort got them signed to Rise Records and led to their debut full-length album, "Someday Came Suddenly." While the album cracked the Top 30 (#25) on the Billboard Indie Chart, it scraped the bottom of the Billboard 200 Album Chart (#193).

With Carlile's replacement, Nick Barham, Attack Attack! contributed to the "Punk Goes Pop 2" compilation with a cover of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl."

But just days before Attack Attack! was to head out on a headlining tour, Barham quit saying, "It was just time for change." The band then selected their keyboardist, Caleb Shomo, to handle lead vocals.

Attack Attack! released their sophomore self-titled album in June, '10. The set sold over 15,000 copies in its first week (about 4 times the first week sales of "Someday Came Suddenly") to land at #26 on the Billboard 200.

Their third full-length album, "This Means War," was produced by Shomo at his home studio. "The Wretched" was the lead single.

In '12, Attack! Attack! announced their departure from Rise Records. They also mentioned that they had completed songs for another album but they were on producer John Feldman's hard drive and "would be too much work legally to get them released."

Near the end of the year, Shomo officially announced his departure. Phil Druyor became the group's frontman. "No Defeat" was the first song to feature Druyor and bassist Tyler Sapp.

A few months passed before Attack Attack! stated that their Back in Action tour was going to be their last tour and the band would be "[laid] to rest." But before the end came, the group recruited guitarist Sean Bell.

Meanwhile, Shomo started Beartooth.

Band Note: Although Attack Attack! songs contain Christian-based lyrics, they do not consider themselves a Christian band.

Attack Attack! Discography


2008 Someday Came Suddenly
2010 Attack! Attack!
2012 This Means War

When Attack Attack! is Emo Metalcore (or 'crabcore' given their crouched position when they play) there's little to separate them from any one of a dozen bands. Their niche is adding auto-tuned singing, techo influenced breakdowns and keyboard riffs/solos. Sometimes they can sound like a classic 80's synth outfit.

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