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Atlas Genius

For some bands it just takes one song to get noticed. That one song for the Aussie Indie Rock group Atlas Genius was "Trojans" ("Take it off, take it in, take off all the thoughts of what we've been").

Brothers Keith (vocals/guitar) and Michael (drums) Jeffery built their own studio (with the help of their father who had an audio background) before ever playing a show as Atlas Genius. To pay bills in those days, the brothers played pubs churning out covers.

The first song completed in the studio was "Trojans," with help from keyboardist Darren Sell. The track scored online before getting plays on SiriusXM Satellite Radio's Alt-Nation. The song's popularity pulled the brothers away from their university studies and to the U.S. to get a label deal.

"We'd never been to America before," said Keith. "It was pretty intimidating."

They made the decision to sign with Warner Bros. Records. "We felt a connection with them," explained Keith.

The EP "Through The Glass" (produced, engineered and mixed by the band) dropped in '12 and led to the group's first-ever tour. That was followed by the full-length "When It Was Now."

'15 saw the arrival of Atlas Genius' sophomore set "Inanimate Objects."

Atlas Genius Discography


2012 Through The Glass EP
2013 When It Was Now
2015 Inanimate Objects

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