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Atlanta Rhythm Section

Former Classics IV member, James R. Cobb, tried again with veteran session musicians to produce Lynyrd Skynyrd Lite or Toto of the South - the Atlanta Rhythm Section.

The Candymen figure into the story as well. The group, consisting of Barry Bailey (guitar), Rodney Justo (vocals), Robert Nix (drums) and Paul Goodard (bass), recorded a couple of albums that got good reviews but little sales so they reverted to session work or backing Roy Orbison. Cobb along with the former Candymen and Dean Daughtry (keyboards) took another shot. They enlisted help from another Classics IV alum, producer Buddy Buie. Eventually, Ronnie Hammond replaced Justo.

Though they got together in '71 and were recording three years later, ARS didn't connect until '76 and the release of "Rock And Roll Alternative" with their breakthrough pop hit "So Into You." They followed that success with "Champagne Jam." "Imaginary Lover," a song about taking wish-fulfillment into your own hands, raced up the pop chart. The album also had the recklessly cheerful "I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight."

The group made it into the '80s but just barely. After their '81 release, "Quinella" failed to generate much excitement (or sales) the group disbanded only to reform near the end of the decade.

Atlanta Rhythm Section  Discography


1972 Atlanta Rhythm Section
1973 Back Up Against the Wall
1974 Third Annual Pipe Dream
1975 Dog Days
1976 Red Tape
1976 A Rock And Roll Alternative
1978 Champagne Jam
1979 Underdog
1979 Are You Ready
1980 The Boys From Doraville
1981 Quinella
1989 Truth In A Structured Form
199 Eufaula

ARS actually managed a couple of decent albums: "Rock And Roll Alternative" and "Champagne Jam." Of course, "Best of Atlanta Rhythm Section" is the best way to go if you're going.

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