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Art Brut

Getting a song on a compilation is one way to get your name out. Hitting the festival circuit is another. Art Brut, who formed in '03, landed their song "Formed A Band" on an Angular Recording Corp. collection. This effort brought the Brit band to the attention of Rough Trade who released the track. Though it failed to crack the U.K. Top 50 it did land on a video game soundtrack.

An EP rolled out on Fierce Panda before Art Brut made their full-length debut in '05, "Bang Bang Rock And Roll." The set's first single, "Emily Kane" did better than its predecessor but still failed to make the Top 40. Despite that, it became the label's most successful single. Later that year, Chinchilla left and was replaced by Future, who had been in an earlier group with Argos.

Art Brut spent a chunk of '06 playing festivals in both the U.S. and Europe. Moving to Mute, the group issued "It's A Bit Complicated" in '07. Once the supporting tours/shows were done, Art Brut returned to the studio. This time it was with the Pixies' legend Frank Black producing. The result was the '09 album "Art Brut Vs. Satan."
Art Brut Discography


2005 Bang Bang Rock & Roll
2007 It's a Bit Complicated
2009 Art Brut vs. Satan
2011 Brilliant! Tragic! (2011)

Live Album:

2005 Art Brut Live At Schubas

There was this Brit who told the most hilarious stories. Interestingly, they all started in a pub with him sharing a pint or two (or more) with his mates. They were largely alcohol-fueled tales of defiance that operated on their own logic. The stories always jumped around with hardly any purpose other than to entertain. Art Brut is a lot like that.

Art Brut uses titles well-known in the pop vernacular ("Pump Up The Volume," "I Will Survive" and "Jealous Guy") for songs that have no resemblance (lyrically or sonically) to the originals. A nice sucker shot, meant only to attract attention. Good marketing.

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