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Army Of Anyone

Army Of Anyone

A lead singer with a drug problem. It's the oldest cliche in Rock - unless you have to live through it like the DeLeo brothers, guitarist Dean and bassist Robert, did with Scott Weiland in Stone Temple Pilots. Then it gets difficult. Eventually, you say "to hell with it." Weiland's erratic drug fueled behavior numbered STP's days. Of course, he bounced from court appearances to treatment facilities, finally fronting Velvet Revolver.

Meanwhile former-Nine Inch Nails/Filter vocalist-guitarist Richard Patrick was amassing his own "under-the-influence" stories including one where he got drunk on a plane, took off his clothes and "wrestled" with flight attendants who tried to subdue him. Do you know how drunk you have to be to do that? Like a six-pack every thirty minutes for 3 hours. But in '02, Patrick entered rehab.

While writing songs for Filter's fourth album Patrick enlisted the help of the DeLeo brothers for a song called "A Better Place." Turned out there was some positive chemistry and the trio decided to form Army Of Anyone in '05. Drummer Ray Luzier joined a short time later.

Before their self-title debut was released, Army Of Anyone garnered a lot of attention, even the deadly word "supergroup" was mentioned. That dubious tag aside, Army Of Anyone did undertake some interesting marketing moves. In advance of the album, they made a special EP available via iTunes. The download featured "Goodbye," the group's debut single. Of course, they had snippets of all tracks available online. Once the album dropped in November, '06, the group began their debut tour in Philadelphia.

At the conclusion of Army Of Anyone's '07 tour the group went on "hiatus" as the DeLeo brothers returned to STP (and Weiland - who had parted company with Velvet Revolver) and Patrick resurrected Filter.
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2006 Army Of Anyone

It's nearly impossible not to compare Army Of Anyone with its successful predecessors, Audioslave and Velvet Revolver. Of the two, Army Of Anyone sounds closest to VR. That's kind of odd, considering Patrick's NIN and Filter resume.

Army Of Anyone is a pretty accomplished arena Rock outfit. They sing about longing (the theme "wish you were here" appears twice; in "Goodbye" and "This Wasn't Supposed To Happen"), dissatisfaction ("Ain't Good Enough") and angst ("Disappear," " A Better Place " and "Generation").

Army Of Anyone rarely cranks it up, the tough sounding "Father Figure" is as close as they come. Their strength is accessible mid-tempo songs; album opener "It Doesn't Seem To Matter," the melodic power ballad "Goodbye," "Stop Look And Listen" with synth strings that actually work, the pop-oriented "Disappear" and the acoustic set closer "This Wasn't Supposed To Happen."

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