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Like countless groups before them, Antagonist made their initial mark with a series of self-released EPs which led to the group's first the full-length album, "The Architecture Of Discord," also a self-released effort.

On the strength of the '05 set, Antagonist signed a one album deal with Dwell Records. The result was "An Envy Of Innocence."

Touring without label support is usually a little, or no money proposition. Fortunately, Antagonist were picked up by Prosthetic Records, who issued the group's sophomore full-length set, "Exist."

A major change occurred when guitarist Matt Lopez and bassist Paul Salem departed due to family and work obligations, respectively. Guitarist Roland Leonard was brought in on a temporary basis but after a couple tours he was full-time. Also, guitarist Nick Reyes moved to bass. That came about following a succession of fill-in bassists.

The line-up of Carlos Garcia (lead guitar/vocals), Orlando "Lond" Garcia (drums), Leonard and Reyes recorded "World In Decline."

Five years later, in '15, Antagonist returned with a self-titled EP.

Antagonist Discography

Studio Albums:

2005 The Architecture Of Discord
2006 An Envy Of Innocence
2009 Exist
2010 World In Decline


2003 Intended To Hurt Or Wound
2004 Eschatology
2005 Samsara
2015 Antagonist

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