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With a name like Annihilator you'd expect a high body count. Not counting the current line-up, Annihilator has had 30 members; 10 drummers, 8 bassists, 7 vocalists and 5 rhythm guitarists, with guitarist/vocalist Jeff Waters being the only constant.

Along the way, Annihilator became the best-selling Heavy Metal group from Canada, selling more than 3 million albums worldwide.

Formed in '84 around Waters and vocalist John Bates, Annihilator's '89 debut, "Alice In Hell" and their sophomore set, "Never, Neverland" stand as their most recognized achievements.

Despite the rampant lineup changes, the group recorded another thirteen albums, culminating with '15's "Suicide Society."

But even the run-up to that album was marred by a departure. After eleven years with Annihilator, vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dave Padden phoned in his resignation which left Waters stunned.

"He said he was just getting tired of the whole process," said Waters. "It was simply he was getting sick of the travelling."

As a result, Waters stepped into the lead vocal role for "Suicide Society."

Annihilator Discography


1989 Alice In Hell
1990 Never, Neverland
1993 Set The World On Fire
1994 King Of The Kill
1996 Refresh The Demon
1997 Remains
1999 Criteria ForA Black Widow
2001 Carnival Diablos
2002 Waking The Fury
2004 All For You
2005 Schizo Deluxe
2007 Metal
2010 Annihilator
2013 Feast
2015 Suicide Society

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