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American Head Charge

Gestapo Pussy Ranch and Warsaw Ghetto Pussy are certainly memorable band names. But it's doubtful a label would invest much in an Industrial Metal group with either moniker. Flux is nondescript and a more mainstream name, in fact, it's so mainstream that it was claimed by another group. So bassist Chad Hanks came up a fourth name, American Head Charge.

"It means nothing," claimed Hanks. "No meaning by it. Pretty much that purpose right there."

Not every band with a self-released album lands an opening slot for System Of A Down and not every band that does so lands a major label deal. But American Head Charge did just that thanks to SOAD bassist Shavo Odadjian. When asked by American Recordings label owner Rick Rubin if there were any bands he should check out, Odadjian told him about American Head Charge.

On the American Recordings imprint and under the tutelage of producer Rubin, the group delivered "The Art Of War." Even so, the strong start got undercut.

Guitarist Wayne Kile left in '02 and was replaced by Bryan Ottoson. Also, drug abuse crippled the band with members going into rehab. Then they asked to be released from their contact with American Recordings and the request was granted.

American Head Charge rolled out "The Feeding" in '05. That same year Ottoson died while the band was on tour. A lethal mixture of drugs to ward off a severe case of strep throat was listed as the cause.

American Head Charge continued to tour into '07 concluding with a concert at The Rock in Maplewood, MN. The official end came two years later.

In '11 though, the group announced their return. But it was another two years before the release of "Shoot" with the proceeds from the EP going toward the funding their next album.

That and an Indiegogo campaign raised enough to finance the '16 set "Tango Umbrella," which was recorded in Kentucky at Third Sky Studios.

With the band's revival stalled frontman Cameron Heacock felt desperate times called for desperate measures. It didn't help that his desperate measure was illegal. He was arrested in '18 with more than a dozen stolen guitars in his possession after being pulled over by police for allegedly driving a stolen van from a motel in Costa Mesa, CA.

American Head Charge Discography


1999 Trepanation
2001 The War Of Art
2005 The Feeding
2016 Tango Umbrella


2013 Shoot

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