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Amboy Dukes

There were two incredible things about the Chicago-based Amboy Dukes. The first was the top-notch psychedelic song "Journey To The Center Of The Mind" and second, their guitarist was Ted Nugent.

Formed in '67, the band featured two guitarists with Steve Farmer being the other. In "Journey To The Center Of The Mind," uncorked in '68, Nugent's guitar dominated, even overshadowing John Drake's vocals about tripping inside your mind. The distortion, feedback and attack are frantic and awesome.

Even though they continued until '75, becoming Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes along the way, "Journey To The Center Of The Mind" was their crowning achievement. By that time, Nugent who'd established his guitar-warrior reputation, went solo.
Amboy Dukes  Discography


1967 The Amboy Dukes
1968 Journey to the Center Of The Mind
1969 Migration Mainstream
1970 Marriage On The Rocks/Rock Bottom
1971 Survival Of The Fittest Live
1974 Call Of The Wild
1974 Tooth Fang & Claw

The Amboy Dukes' "Journey To The Center of the Mind" is available on all sorts of compilations. "Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes" starts with "Journey" and chronicles Nugent's ever-increasing influence over the group. He, along with the group's other guitarist, Steve Farmer, wrote most of the songs. Not to be overshadowed, Farmer came up with "Why Is A Carrot More Orange Than A Orange." Clearly, heavy minds at work here.

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