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Amazing Baby

The group's name came as a result of online surfing where they came across a "really awesome baby." Or if you prefer, an 'amazing baby."

The name Don Devore is familiar to fans of Ink & Dagger, Frail, The Icarus Line - and the Brooklyn-based Amazing Baby. With Devore, who plays bass - guitar - keyboards, Amazing Baby has Will Roan (vocals), Simon O'Connor (guitar), Rob Laakso - aka Doc Laaxo (guitar) and Matt Abeysekera (drums).

Roan and O'Connor started Amazing Baby in '08, after a previous band imploded, as relief from their dead end jobs. The immediate goal was to entertain themselves and a few friends. It got a little bigger than that.

A connection with the highly successful MGMT - O'Connor had roomed with MGMT's Ben Goldwasser at Wesleyan - led to an opening slot on MGMT's '08 tour. Day jobs were jettisoned and Amazing Baby's debut album "Rewild" was issued in '09.

Amazing Baby Discography


2009 Rewild
2012 Ice Water

Amazing Baby's "Rewild" raises an interesting question. Can singing about whales and starving cannibals lead to success? Sure, especially when "The Narwhal" sounds like vintage acoustic Led Zeppelin and "Smoke Bros." (with the cannibals reference) rolls a potent Punk.

Vocals are mixed down so as not to get in the way but given echo and reverb to draw attention. While "Kankra" is an upbeat score, people might miss the killer riff, beneath the vocals, that drives "Headdress." And just for good measure, "Pump Your Brakes" is an intense Hard Rock number.

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