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Amanda Ghost

EMF was never a huge band. And even in their glory days, they probably didn't think to invest wisely. That assumes of course, they ever saw any real money. Even when limited fame and fortune fades, there's still the need to pay the rent. EMF's guitarist Ian Dench and Mount Rushmore's Lucas Barton came across Amanda Ghost while she was doing the North London club circuit. Realizing the possibilities, Dench and Barton began collaborating with Ghost. They caught the attention of the likes of Boy George and Elton John, with Warner Brothers taking the bait and signing Ghost.

Born in England, of Spanish and Indian derivation, Ghost attended the London College of Fashion before embarking on a music career. Like several performers she tried various styles before settling on Rock with techno/ambient influences. In September, '00, "Ghost Stories" was released with "Glory Girl" drawing attention.

Amanda Ghost Discography


2000 Ghost Stories
2008 Blood On The Line - The Download Collection

On Amanda Ghost's debut "Ghost Stories," the only outright Rocker "Idol," is far and way the CD's highlight. The mid-tempo hit "Glory Girl" and "Cellophane" have some meat to them and stand up to repeated listening. However, the opening track "Filthy Mind" sounds Garbage-ish but without the production punch.

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