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Altitudes & Attitude

It would be safe to say that any band with two bassists likely has one bass player too many. So it seemed odd when David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Frank Bello (Anthrax), both bassists, formed Altitudes & Attitude with drummer Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle).

Of course, Altitudes & Attitude wasn't just two bassist and drums. Both Ellefson and Bello took the opportunity to stretch out.

"It's exciting to write melody with diversity while still pushing the limits of lead-bass playing," stated Ellefson. "Frank's singing and both of us playing guitars and other instruments, gave us a whole new dimension for creative opportunities."

The group release a three song EP in early '14.

"What started out as simple bass ideas quickly developed into some really great songs together," added Ellefson. "Our fans would probably never suspect that a couple of Metal bass players would have songs like these inside of us."

Altitudes & Attitude Discography


2014 Altitudes & Attitude EP

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