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The Adored

The Adored

George and Keefer met when they were Central California Coast teens. At the time George fronted the hardcore Punk band Carry On. Keefer joined and the group moved to L.A. where they released "A Life Less Plagued."

It was an '04 show in New York that yielded unexpected results. The Adored met the Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley which led to opening for the Buzzcocks on both U.S. and U.K. tours. Along the way, Carry On became The Adored, the name likely came from the Stone Roses track "I Wanna Be Adored" (who doesn't?). The band also moved toward a power pop sound - while still retaining Punk elements.

The Adored released a 5 song "EP" in '05 with guest vocals by Shelley. That effort led the L.A. Times to list the group as one of the "100 Bands You Need To Know." The Adored's full-length debut, "A New Language" landed in '06. A part of the next year was spent opening for The Damned and taking a run on the Warped Tour.

Despite the collapse of their label, V2, The Adored's song "Not Having It" was heard in the two-part Grey's Anatomy episode "The Other Side Of This Life."

The Adored Discography


2006 A New Language

The last track on "A New Language," "Young Again," contains the line" makes no sense to act your age." Some will heartily agree while others will go 'duh'. The Adored ride the rail between the sublime and the obvious with enough power-pop Punk (emphasis on power pop) to get them out of the tightest spots.

For all the deserved attention "Not Having It" received, there are better tracks on "A New Language." The group's pop leanings are shown to good advantage on "The Window" and Hold Up." Both have appealing backing vocals and the latter features a tasty guitar riff. They also play with ragged exuberance (leaning more Punk) on "Savage Youth" and "Ethical Drug.

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