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Adam Ant

The music business can be a case of trial and error. Take London born Stuart Goddard. He started as lead singer for Bazooka Joe, but when that failed, he moved on, becoming Adam of Adam and the Ants (Andy Warren - bass, Lester Square - guitar and Paul Flanagan - drums). Their quasi-Punk approach didn't garner much attention so the next stop was Malcolm McLaren, the "mastermind" behind the Sex Pistols. McLaren dressed Adam & the Ants in a pirate outfits, installed a more mainstream sensibility then persuaded the Ants to leave Adam to form Bow-Wow-Wow. Nice touch.

Adam recruited a new set on Ants (Marco Pirroi - guitar, Kevin Mooney - bass, Terry Lee - drums and Merrick a.k.a. Chris Hughes - drums). "The Kings of the Wild Frontier" was huge in the U.K. featuring the hit "Antmusic." The follow-up, "Prince Charming" was also successful and spawned a title track hit along with "Stand and Deliver."

The pirate shtick was wearing thin so Adam ditched the Ants for a solo career as Adam Ant. Songwriting partner Pirroi was the only ex-Ant working in the backing band. Adam Ant's first solo album, released in 82, "Friend or Foe," contained his biggest hit, the sassy, percussive "Goody Two Shoes."

"Strip" and "Vive Le Rock" followed with the former deservedly getting most of the attention. After that, Ant focused on his acting career for the next five years. Adam Ant returned in '90 with the "Room At The Top" from his densely textured "Manners & Physique album. "Wonderful," released in '95, slotted Adam Ant comfortably in the adult alternative niche and was a modest commercial success on both sides of the Atlantic.

Adam Ant Discography

"Kings of the Wild Frontier" and "Prince Charming" show Adam and the Ants at their rhythmic peak (pays to have two drummers) with chant choruses and drilled-in vocal hooks.

Adam and the Ant's debut "Dirk Wears White Sox" is a dark and challenging record and it's easy to see why the group soon abandoned that style.

Adam Ant's first solo venture "Friend or Foe" features the tightly wound "Goody Two Shoes" and a pop approach. After "Manners & Physique" which had Adam Ant's last pop hit, "Room At The Top," he moves toward adult alternative - namely M.O.R. pop with intelligent lyrics and acoustic arrangements. No doubt designed to allow him to grow old gracefully.

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