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Like thousands before him Jon Nicholson moved to Nashville to make it in the music business. "I'm just a singer-songwriter and a mixture of all my favorite things, said Nicholson. "Being a singer-songwriter means you don't have to slide into a category, you just play your songs." That outlook landed him in MuzikMafia, a Nashville music collective. But it was an opening slot on 3 Doors Down's European tour that led to a new venture.

The trek included a stop in Amsterdam where "an actual seven-day binge may have occurred." What is known for sure is that Nicholson and Harrell began working on songs.

The pair's initial outing was in Biloxi, MS, with drummer Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down) and guitarist Shannon Lawson (MuzikMafia). The show was a success and after another writing binge guitarist Kenny Olson and drummer Shannon Boone were brought in.

Olson played on Kid Rock's studio albums from '98's "Devil Without A Cause" to '03's "Kid Rock." He left Rock to pursue his own projects which included a couple bands before 7dayBinge.

Like Olson, Boone hailed from the Detoit area and was in the garage band South Normal.

"Nicholson and I wrote these songs in Amsterdam a couple of years ago and have been messing around with them for a while now," said Harrell. "Then, Kenny and Shannon came along, and it Rocked!"

"It's always been the mentality with the Binge, just get together and make great music," added Nicholson.

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