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3 Inches Of Blood

3 Inches Of Blood formed in '99 and enjoyed their greatest commercial success with '07's "Fire Up The Blades" (U.S. #147).

Harsh vocalist Jamie Hopper explained the inspiration behind their third studio effort. "This album is heavily influenced by low quality beer, bong rips and listening to Black Metal (fast tempos, a shrieking vocals, distorted guitars, etc.) in the dark."

That same year, 3 Inches Of Blood received some unwanted notoriety when their drummer, Alexei Rodriguez, got into an 11/10/07 fist fight with Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler at the Hard Rock Hell Festival in the U.K. 3 Inches Of Blood issued an apology for their drummer's behavior.

While Glockler got a black eye, security guards beat Rodriguez severely. Not only did Rodriguez have to go to the hospital for a broken elbow, he also got fired from the band. He was replaced by Ash Pearson.

Having suffered vocal injuries, Hooper quit in late '08 and did not perform on the group's fourth studio effort, "Here Waits Thy Doom." It marked the first album not to feature any original members. Guitarist Justin Hagberg took over harsh vocal duties full-time.

While the band's clean vocalist, Cam Pipes, an ex-chiorboy (no kidding), was not an original member, he was pretty close.

Pipes added vocals to the band's already-recorded demo and was later asked to join. He was heard on the group's '02 debut album "Battlecry Under A Wintersun." And he stayed with the group for the remainder of their run.

"Long Live Heavy Metal" dropped in '12 but three years later, 3 Inches Of Blood announced they were disbanding, playing a final hometown show in Victoria, B.C.

3 Inches Of Blood Discography


2002 Battlecry Under A Wintersun
2004 Advance And Vanquish
2007 Fire Up The Blades
2009 Here Waits Thy Doom
2012 Long Live Heavy Metal


2001 Sect Of The White Worm
2007 Trial Of Champions
2011 Anthems For The Victorious

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