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 Rockin'Artist Bios - New Additions
 Artist Prime Years 
The Agonist2007 -  
Did The Agonist jettison White-Gluz in favor of Vicky Psarakis. Or did White-Gluz have her own Arch Enemy agenda?
Antagonist2006 - 2010 
Like countless groups before them, Antagonist made their initial mark with a series of self-released EPs.
Mitski2014 -  
Mitski's third album, Bury Me At Makeout Creek won widespread critical acclaim.
Hotelier2014 -  
Hotelier's sophomore set, Home, Like Noplace Is There, significantly improved the group's profile.
Whitechapel2008 -  
Our Endless War reached #10 on Billboard, #2 on both the U.S. Indie and Rock charts, and topped the Hard Rock survey
Denner/Shermann2016 -  
Denner/Shermann included vocalist Sean Peck, bassist Marc Grabowski and drummer Snowy Shaw.
Candlemass1986 -  
Candlemass has sold more than fifteen million albums worldwide.
Gojira2008 -  
Gojira's lot improved with the release of L'Enfant Sauvage.
Nervosa2014 -  
Victim Of Yourself garnered generally favorable reviews and tour dates leading to the group's 16 release Agony, which contained the track Intolerance Means War.
 Rockin'Artist Bios - Most Viewed
 Artist Prime Years 
The Beatles1962 - 1970 
McCartney's announcement of his departure from and the de facto end of The Beatles on April 9th, 1970 was front-page news.
Led Zeppelin1968 - 1980 
Generally thought of as Heavy Metal founding fathers, Led Zeppelin, even in its earliest days, mixed acoustic and electric instruments on Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You and Your Time Is Gonna Come from Led Zeppelin.
Paul McCartney1972 - 1977 
Paul McCartney's legend looms largest not with Wings or as a solo artist, it is for taking the helm during The Beatles' final years serving as the group's de facto leader, songwriter and singer.
Rolling Stones1965 - 1975 
The Rolling Stones were called the World's Greatest Rock n' Roll Band before they actually achieved that status and long after they'd lost it.
Ringo Starr1973 - 1976 
Ringo Starr's best song is It Don't Come Easy.
Pearl Jam1991 -  
Given their fractured beginning, who would have suspected that Pearl Jam would be the last Grunge band standing?
AC/DC1977 -  
AC/DC's Angus Young came home from school and without changing, rushed off to band practice. An icon was born.
KISS1975 - 1979 
Prime KISS is 1975-77 - a long time in Rock years.
Nirvana1989 - 1994 
During its brief existence Nirvana served as the lightening rod for the Seattle scene and Kurt Cobain with his shaggy blond hair, three day beard, worn and torn jeans and tennis shoes was the Grunge poster boy.
U21982 -  
If the Rolling Stones were the World's Greatest Rock Band in the late '60s and early '70s, then U2 possessed the title in the '80s.
 Rockin'Artist Bios - Highest Rated
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Evanescence2003 -  
Working under the name Evanescence, meaning a dissipation or disappearance like vapors, Amy Lee and Ben Moody even took a shot at romance, managing to become briefly engaged before backing away.
638 135 4.7
Pearl Jam1991 -  
Given their fractured beginning, who would have suspected that Pearl Jam would be the last Grunge band standing?
100 24 4.2
Chris Cornell2007 -  
A Seattle native, born Christopher John Boyle (he and his siblings took their mother's maiden name when their parents divorced), started as a drummer (just like Kurt Cobain) before vaulting to the forefront.
34 7 4.9
Hinder2005 -  
Hinder built a strong regional following before going the indie route.
46 12 3.8
Dire Straits1978 - 1985 
Dire Straights formed around a nucleus of Mark Knopfler, his brother David and bassist John Illsley.
25 5 5.0
Test Icicles2006 -  
There are mash-ups but Test Icicles IS a mash-up.
20 4 5.0
Sammy Hagar1980 - 1983 
Sammy Hagar, the Red Rocker, first gained notoriety as the vocalist for Montrose.
20 4 5.0
R.E.M.1982 - 2011 
R.E.M. got together in the spring of '80 with University of Georgia students Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Bill Berry and Michael Stipe.
20 4 5.0
The Knack 
The word on The Knack was they recorded their debut album Get The Knack in eleven days for eighteen-thousand dollars.
19 4 4.8
Hailing from the garden spot of Santa Barbara, CA, Sugarcult came to prominence with singer/guitarist/lyricist Tim Pagnotta, guitarist Marko 72, bassist Airin, and drummer Ben Davis.
29 8 3.6