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 Artist Prime Years 
SOiL2001 -  
SOiL was formed by members of the Death Metal bands.
SR-712000 - 2004 
SR-71 formed in the early '90s but this Baltimore quartet didn't release its debut album until 2000.
SWMRS2016 -  
The group's first album under the SWMRS banner was '16's Drive North which was produced by Zac Carper.
SafetySuit2008 -  
SafetySuit's strong pop sensibilities shine brightly on Life Left To Go.
Saliva1998 -  
Vocalist Josey Scott said the name Saliva was controversial and different, and like it or not, you'll never forget it.
Santana 1969 - 2000 
Carlos Santana's style is easily recognizable and that's the first sign of a great guitarist.
Saosin2006 -  
Saosin formed when members of the recently disbanded Newport Beach group, Open Hand, decided to keep going.
Satellite Party2007 -  
Perry Farrell's Satellite Party began in '05.
Joe Satriani1986 -  
Beginning his career as a guitar teacher, Joe Satriani was coaxed out of the shadows by fellow guitarist Steve Vai (who worked with Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.).
Savages2013 -  
Savages, a female Post-Punk group, formed in London.
Saves The Day 
New Jersey's Saves The Day released Can't Slow Down, the acoustic EP I'm Sorry I'm Leaving and Through Being Cool.
Saving Abel2008 -  
Like 3 Doors Down and Stereoside, Saving Abel is one of several post-Grunge/Hard Rock bands rooted in the Deep South.
Savoy Brown1970 - 1972 
The British Blues-Rock outfit Savoy Brown, originally known as the Savoy Brown Blues Band, was founded by guitarist Kim Simmonds.
Saxon1980 -  
After four albums and success in Europe and Japan, Saxon finally established a presence in the U.S.
Say Anything2004 -  
Starting as Sayanything in '01, the group's original line-up consisted of high school friends who attended L.A.'s Windward School (drummer Coby Linder went to Shalhevet High School).
Boz Scaggs1976 - 1980 
The Boz Scaggs album to get, for obvious reasons, is Silk Degrees.
Scars On Broadway2008 -  
Scars On Broadway were a System Of A Down offshoot.
Best known for Rock You Like a Hurricane, the Scorpions history is considerably longer.
Screaming Females2006 -  
Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females was named the 77th greatest guitarist of all time by Spin magazine.
Screaming Trees1991 - 1996 
Combining a mixed bag of '60s psychedelia, Garage Rock and Punk, Screaming Trees became the first Seattle group to sign with a major label.
The Script2008 -  
Influenced by R&B, The Script formed following the demise of MyTown, which counted both Danny O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan as members.
The Secret Machines2004 - 2006 
The Secret Machines began in Dallas with Benjamin Curtis, Josh Garza and Brandon Curtis.
The Seeds 
This L.A. garage band managed to create a semi-classic with Pushin' Too Hard - slashing guitar and Sky Saxon's vocals.
Seether2002 -  
Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces was Seether's third studio album.
Ty Segall2008 -  
Following stints in underground California bands (The Traditional Fools, Epsilons, Party Fowl, Sic Alps and The Perverts) Segall embarked on a Garage Rock solo career.
Bob Seger1974 - 1982 
For a time, a very long time, it looked as though Bob Seger was just a Midwest thing.
Semi Precious Weapons2008 -  
Vogue magazine called Semi Precious Weapons unashamedly crass and deliciously animated.
Semisonic1996 - 1998 
Semisonic's Closing Time went to #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks and peaked at #8 on the Billboard pop chart.
Senses Fail2004 -  
Senses Fail hailed from Ridgewood, NJ, where like countless others, they worked their way up the indie label food chain.
Brian Setzer Orchestra1994 - 1998 
Taking a big band-Rock approach, the Brian Setzer Orchestra created a major problem for the record promo people.
Seven Mary Three1994 - 1998 
Seven Mary Three's American Standard deserved all the praise heaped on it.
Seven Witches1999 -  
Despite the ongoing turnover, Seven Witches regularly released albums.
Sevendust1997 -  
Sevendust rides Witherspoon's vocal barrage and the duel guitar attack of Lowery and Connelly.
Sex Pistols1977 - 1978 
Originating the crash and burn school of Rock, the Sex Pistols weren't around all that long but still managed to make their mark.
Shadows Fall2002 -  
What Drives The Weak, a track on The War Within, the fourth album by Shadows Fall, received Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance.
Del Shannon 
Shannon had several more hits including Hats Off To Larry, another lost-love song, and Little Town Flirt.
Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros2009 -  
Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros played their first show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood before embarking on a bus tour.
The Sheepdogs2010 -  
For the first time in its history, the cover of Rolling Stone was graced by an 'unknown' band, The Sheepdogs.
Shellac1994 -  
Shellac started as an informal collaboration between guitarist Steve Albini and drummer Todd Trainer.
Kenny Wayne Shepherd1995 - 2005 
Shepherd has consistently moved away from the electric Blues of his debut, Ledbetter Heights, toward Rock.
Derek Sherinian 
Derek Sherinian had a duel career as a session musician and solo performer.
Shinedown2003 -  
Shinedown formed in '01 after Smith left his previous band at the altar - just about to sign a recording contract. Though claiming Lynyrd Skynyrd (local heroes) and Led Zeppelin as major influences, Shinedown leans more toward the Tool and Staind vein.
Shins2001 -  
Hailing from Albuquerque, the Shins formed in '97.
Shocking Blue1970 - 1973 
Shocking Blue is primarily known for their #1 hit Venus, but they have a Nirvana connection as well.
The Shondes2008 -  
The Shondes, who hailed from Brooklyn, have been called a Jewish feminist Punk band who embrace progressive political activism.
Shout Out Louds2004 -  
Shout Out Louds could probably get work as a Cure tribute band.
Sick Of It All1992 -  
There is Punk, and then there is Hardcore Punk. Sick Of It All, from Queens, is the latter.
Sick Puppies2007 -  
A cursory listen to Sick Puppies and it's easy to draw comparisons to Green Day.
Silverchair1995 -  
Silverchair originally called themselves Innocent Criminals.
Silversun Pickups2006 -  
On Carnavas, Silversun Pickups come across as an updated version of the Breeders, with the distorted guitar, often sounding as sharp as an electric razor, tight beats and airy vocals.
Simple Minds1983 - 1987 
Glascow's Simple Minds were originally a Punk outfit known as Johnny and the Self-Abusers.
Simple Plan2001 -  
Anyone missing blink-182 should check out Simple Plan.
Sinsaenum2016 -  
Sinsaenum, an extreme Metal band, had Dragonforce bassist Frederic Leclercq and former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison
Siouxsie & The Banshees1980 - 1984 
1978 was a big year for the London based Punk outfit Siouxsie & The Banshees.
Sister Hazel1996 -  
Encompassing Folk, Alt. Rock and Southern Rock, along with other lesser influences, it is difficult to pigeon-hole Sister Hazel
Sixx: A.M.2007 -  
Sixx: A.M. was founded by Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. In '06 Sixx began working on his book The Heroin Diaries, based on a collection of his journal entries from '86-'87, when his addiction was arguably at its worst.
Skid Row1989 - 1991 
Bon Jovi and KISS framed Skid Row's existence.
Skillet1996 -  
Skillet's Awake landed at #2 on the Billboard 200 album chart and eventually went gold.
Slade was the British Hard Rockin' version of the Kingsmen. Slade had a two guitars, bass and drums line-up that featured Noddy Holder's raw vocals.
Slash1997 -  
Born Saul Hudson in London, the future Slash (a name given by a family friend because Saul was always in a hurry, zipping around from one thing to another) had an English dad and an African-American mother.
Slayer 1985 -  
Slayer formed in L.A. (OK, Huntington Beach), starting out as a Judas Priest/Iron Maiden covers band.
Sleater-Kinney1994 - 2005 
Sleater-Kinney, was named after a road in Olympia, Washington, the group's hometown.
Sleeper Agent2011 -  
Sleeper Agent went to Nashville where they recorded their Garage-Pop debut Celabrasion.
Sleeping With Sirens2010 -  
Sleeping With Sirens defied expectations when their third studio effort which sold 59,000 copies in its first week to nail the #3 spot on the Billboard Top 200.
Sleepy Sun2009 -  
Sleepy Sun's origins date back to when UC Santa Cruz students formed Mania.
Sleigh Bells2013 -  
Sleigh Bells third album was significant in that it contained more songwriting contributions from singer Alexis Krauss.
Slipknot1999 -  
Slipknot attacks songs with nihilistic brutality.
Sly and the Family Stone1967 - 1970 
Infectious fun. Sly & The Family Stone had a way of finding the groove (thanks it a large part to bass player Larry Graham).
Small Faces  
Steve Marriot was the Small Faces guitarist/vocalist and main driving force. Ronnie Lane (bass), Kenny Jones (drums) and Ian McLagen (organ) handled everything else.
Smash Mouth 
Smash Mouth's first recording was the independent Fush Yu Mang, an excellent hard charging mosher CD with Flo and Nervous In The Alley.
Smashing Pumpkins 1992 - 2000 
You'd have to travel a long road to find a more powerful double CD set than Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness.
Patti Smith1975 - 1978 
Hardcore Patti Smith fans favor Horses while casual listeners name Easter as her premier album.
Smith Westerns2009 -  
Smith Westerns went Glam, when they hooked up with producer Chris Cody for their sophomore effort, which earned comparisons to T-Rex and David Bowie.
The Smiths1983 - 1986 
The Smiths catalog is remarkable.
Smoosh2003 -  
Smoosh was made up of two sisters that started playing music at around 8 and 10 years old.
Snow Patrol2004 -  
Snow Patrol often plies a chord based sound with guitars strumming underneath engaging melodies that frame Lightbody's pensive and often wistful vocals.
So So Glos2007 -  
So So Glos became known for their active participation in NYC's DIY movement.
Social Distortion1981 -  
Mike Ness founded Social Distortion and eventually became the only original member though guitarist Dennis Danell had a twenty-two year run with the band.
Socialburn's Neil Alday, Dusty Price and Brandon Bittner realized, after an impromptu singing session by the campfire, that starting a group might not be a bad idea and later added Chris Cobb.
Soft Pack2010 -  
While not groundbreaking or terribly innovative, Soft Pack does play with an exuberance that puts them over.
Soilwork2002 -  
Four albums into their career, the Swedish Melodic Death Metal band Soilwork, toured the U.S. in '02 for the first time.
Something Corporate 
SoCal based Something Corporate started in Dana Hills with singer Andrew McMahon, bassist Clutch and drummer Brian Ireland
Something Unto Nothing (S.U.N.)2012 -  
Sass Jordan and Brian Tichy are at the core of S.U.N. Completing the line-up are bassist Michael Devin, who worked with Tichy, most notably in Whitesnake, and drummer Tommy Stewart.
Sonic Youth1990 - 2009 
Influenced by the Velvet Underground and the Stooges, guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo teamed with bassist Kim Gordon to form Sonic Youth in '81.
Sonics1964 - 1966 
The Sonics are credited with helping invent Garage Rock and being a proto-Punk band.
Soul Asylum1992 - 1995 
Loud Fast Rules was the original name for the Minneapolis band Soul Asylum.
Soulfly1998 -  
Soulfly started when guitarist/vocalist Max Calavera left Sepultura.
Soundgarden1990 -  
The A-Sides clearly illustrates why Soundgarden was a major '90s group.
Spacehog1995 - 1995 
Spacehog is a group best known for the single In The Meantime.
Sparklehorse1999 - 2010 
Side projects and health issues kept Sparklehorse sidelined until Linkous collaborated with DJ Danger Mouse.
Spectrum Road2012 -  
Spectrum Road made its debut playing a series of Tony Williams Lifetime tribute concerts in Japan.
Speedy Ortiz2011 -  
Sadie Dupuis, a former MIT math student and MFA candidate in Poetry at UMass-Amherst (which explained why her lyrics garnered so much attention), founded Speedy Ortiz.
Spencer Davis Group 1966 - 1967 
Someone, why back when, who thought they were in the know, once claimed that calling them the Spencer Davis Group was like calling the Beatles the Ringo Starr Quartet
Spin Doctors1993 - 1996 
Their multi-platinum debut studio album was as good as it got for the Spin Doctors.
L.A. in the mid '60s was a boundless place. In that hothouse environment Ed Cassidy (drums), Randy California (guitar), Jay Ferguson (vocals) and Mark Andes (bass) came together as the progressive Red Roosters.
Spiritualized1992 -  
Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space represented a high water mark for Spiritualized. NME magazine named it the Album of the Year.
Spock's Beard1995 -  
Spock's Beard was founded by the Morse brothers, Neal and Alan.
Spooky Tooth1970 - 1972 
Best remembered as the launching pad for Gary Wright, who was a founding member, and Foreigner's Mick Jones, who joined later, Spooky Tooth worked the fringes of the late '60s/early '70s Art-Rock scene and eventually included a significant portion of Joe Cocker's Grease Band
Spoon2001 -  
Spoon started (with Brit Daniel and Jim Eno) in Austin naming themselves after a song by the German avant-garde band, Can.
Spraynard2011 -  
Spraynard's second album put West Chester, PA band on the map.
Bruce Springsteen1975 -  
Bruce Springsteen is one of Rock's all-time greats.
Sprung Monkey1993 -  
Pulling themselves from the SoCal backwash, Sprung Monkey formed in the early '90s.
Squeeze1979 - 1987 
Squeeze proves that it takes more than a couple brilliant songwriters (Chris Difford - lyrics and Glenn Tilbrook-music) or extremely talented musicians (keyboardist Jools Holland and vocalist Paul Carrack) to make a band successful.
Billy Squier1981 - 1983 
Billy Squier's most popular song was The Stroke.
St. Vincent2007 -  
If Laurie Anderson and Bjork had a daughter, she would be St. Vincent.
Stabbing Westward1993 - 2001 
Wither, Blister, Burn + Peel is THE Stabbing Westward album.
Staind2001 -  
In May of '01 Staind released Break The Cycle featuring the ballad It's Been A While and Outside.
Scott Stapp2005 -  
On his own hook Scott Stapp comes reasonably close to Creed.
Ringo Starr1973 - 1976 
Ringo Starr's best song is It Don't Come Easy.
Starting Line2002 -  
Once school was out Starting Line hit the studio and recorded Say It Like You Mean It.
Static X1999 - 2005 
Static X makes their roaring appearance with Wisconsin Death Trip.
Status Quo 
Remembered in the U.S. for their late '60s hit Pictures of Matchstick Men, the Status Quo enjoyed a three-decade career in their native England.
Steely Dan 
Steely Dan took its name from a very useful tool mentioned in William Burrough's classic novel Naked Lunch.
Stellastarr2003 - 2005 
Shawn Christensen (vocals/guitar), Amanda Tannen (bass), Arthur Kremer (drums) and former Charlotte's Funeral guitarist Michael Jurin launched Stellastarr.
Steppenwolf came roaring out with the thunderous riff driven Born To Be Wild, perhaps the ultimate motorcycle song.
Stereo Fuse2002 -  
Though they have an impressive debut, Stereo Fuse does better on All That Remains when they loosen up and lighten up.
Stereophonics1992 - 2007 
Having sold approximately 9 million copies worldwide, Stereophonics were one of the most successful Welsh Rock acts.
Stereoside2008 -  
Stereoside songs often dwell on drug use-getting high or staying clean-and the damage done.
Marnie Stern2007 -  
Marnie Stern plays reckless yet inventive Prog Punk.
Rod Stewart1968 - 1975 
Initially, Rod Stewart hardly seemed destined for the flashy, flamboyant and egocentric life of a Rock n' Roll star.
The Stills2003 -  
The Stills play with a haunted grandeur that is appealing as it is captivating.
Stitched Up Heart2015 -  
Mixi Demner, who was born in Orlando, FL, and guitarist Merrit Alfero founded the L.A. based Goth Metal band Stitched Up Heart in '10.
Kelley Stoltz2006 -  
Had Kelley Stoltz arrived couple decades earlier he would have been standing on the corner of Haight and Asbury Streets waiting to join Moby Grape.
Stone Roses1989 - 1996 
Stone Roses psychedelic Brit Pop is both heady and compelling.
Stone Sour2002 -  
Though it might be tempting to classify Stone Sour as a Slipknot side project, fact is, Stone Sour was around first.
Stone Temple Pilots1992 - 2001 
From Core, the Stone Temple Pilot's debut, Sex Type Thing got a lot of coverage but the stellar moments are provided by Plush and Wicked Garden.
The Stooges1969 - 1971 
Far and away, the Stooges were a live act - but not so much for musical reasons.
Story Of The Year 
Story Of The Year is a mainstream take on Punk and Hard Rock with just enough rage and pseudo-Grunge to stay credible.
The Strange Boys2009 -  
The Strange Boys And Girls Club was the group's full-length debut.
Stray Cats1982 - 1984 
They came and went quickly, but while they were around the Stray Cats were a lot of retro fun.
Stroke 9 
Stroke 9's Nasty Little Thoughts is their major label debut.
The Strokes2001 -  
After playing NYC clubs and building a solid reputation as a live act, the Strokes released a three song EP, The Modern Age.
The Struts2015 -  
Luke Spiller and Adam Slack chose the name The Struts based on an offhand comment.
The Strypes2014 -  
The Strypes debut Mercury single was Blue Collar Jane which just missed the Top 10 on the iTunes Alternative Chart.
Patrick Stump2011 -  
Patrick Stump, from Fall Out Boy, issued a six-song EP titled Truant Wave in early '11.
Styx1977 - 1981 
Styx, the mythical river at the gates of Hades, was an excellent name choice. In fact, it was one of the most creative things about the group.
Sublime With Rome2011 -  
Sublime With Rome began amid the fall-out when Sublime's two surviving members attempted to perform as Sublime, following the death of Bradley Nowell.
Sublime1992 - 1996 
Over a four-year period the Long Beach, CA, Sublime built a large and faithful following amongst the surf and skateboard crowd.
The Submarines2006 -  
The Submarines offer a lo-fi, neo-psyhedelic sound that is abetted by Blake Hazard's waifish vocals.
The Subways2005 -  
The Subways are an English Alt. Rock band with a pronounced DIY approach.
Hailing from the garden spot of Santa Barbara, CA, Sugarcult came to prominence with singer/guitarist/lyricist Tim Pagnotta, guitarist Marko 72, bassist Airin, and drummer Ben Davis.
Sum 412001 -  
Sum 41's debut EP Half Hour of Power is good but the full length All Killer No Filler is both stronger and better produced.
Sunflower Bean2015 -  
Julia Cumming is a model for Yves Saint Laurent and is the bassist/vocalist for Brooklyn's Sunflower Bean.
SuperHeavy2011 -  
Prior to SuperHeavy, Mick Jagger's solo career had spanned sixteen years and four studio albums.
Superchunk1990 -  
The first official Superchunk single came out on Merge Records, a label founded by band members Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance.
Supergrass1994 - 2010 
Supergrass play exuberant, guitar driven BritPop.
Superjoint Ritual2002 - 2004 
After hanging out, jamming and even playing a few low-key, unpublicized shows, Anselmo (guitar/vocals), Jimmy Bower (guitar), Hank Williams III (bass), Joe Fazzio (drums), and Kevin Bond (guitar) decided to make a go of it.
Supertramp finally found success with Crime of the Century. Crisis? What Crisis? and Even In The Quietest Moments.
Surfer Blood2009 -  
Surfer Blood's debut single Swim landed mid-pack (#37) on Pitchfork's 100 Best Songs of 2009.
Survivor1980 - 1985 
Few Rock groups have used soundtracks as a career path but they played a large part in Survivor's story.
Swans1983 -  
No Wave music had 'abrasive atonal sounds, repetitive driving rhythms, and a tendency to emphasize musical texture over melody'. That was Swans.
The Sweet1974 - 1978 
The Sweet had major and minor hits on both sides of the Atlantic before the thing tanked.
Switchfoot2005 -  
Switchfoot started as a trio with John Foreman (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Tim Foreman (bass, keyboards) and Chad Butler (drums).
The Sword2006 -  
The Sword has been compared to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and countless other Proto-Metal bands.
System Of A Down2001 -  
System Of A Down mixed Trash Metal and Alt. Rock.
 Rockin'Artist Bios T U V
 Artist Prime Years 
T-Rex1972 - 1977 
T-Rex's U.K. popularity was so massive that it attracted the attention of The Beatles' Apple production company
TAB The Band2008 -  
TAB The Band's debut full-length release was titled Pulling Out Just Enough To Win.
TRUST Company 
Aggro-Rockers TRUST Company have the prerequisites down: dense production and thunderously aggressive vocals.
Taking Back Sunday2004 -  
Turning an Alabama born bass player, living in South Carolina, into a lead singer is a risky proposition. But that's what guitarist Ed Reyes did with Adam Lazzara when he began Taking Back Sunday.
Talking Heads1977 - 1985 
The documentary and soundtrack to Stop Making Sense shows the Talking Heads, and especially singer David Byrne, in complete command.
Tame Impala2012 -  
Kevin Parker envisioned Tame Impala as a steady flowing psychedelic groove that emphasizes dream-like melodies.
Serj Tankian2007 -  
With Tankian handling the songwriting, vocals and playing most of the instruments, Elect The Dead peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 Album chart.
Tank1982 - 1989 
Tank disbanded, largely because they had failed to recreate an album with the empirical power of their debut.
Tantric2001 -  
Tantric's sonic blitz, with acoustic touches, not to mention Hugo Ferreira's burning vocals, got them signed to Madonna's Maverick label.
Taproot's major label debut was Gift.
Team Spirit2013 -  
Ayad Al Adhamy fronts he Brooklyn garage rock outfit Team Spirit.
Tedeschi Trucks Band2011 -  
Guitarist Derek Trucks is the husband of Blues/Soul singer Susan Tedeschi.
Teenage Time Killers2015 -  
Teenage Time Killers is billed as a supergroup, but it's actually a collective revolving around guitarist Mick Murphy, of L.A. based My Ruin, and Corrosion Of Conformity drummer Reed Mullin.
Temple Of The Dog1991 - 1991 
Temple Of The Dog's name was taken from a line in the Mother Love Bone song Man Of Golden Words.
Temples2014 -  
Singer-guitarist James Edward Bagshaw and bassist Thomas Edison Warmsley added fellow Kettering (U.K.) residents, keyboard player Adam Smith and drummer Sam Toms, so they could play live.
Ten Years After  
Saving Woodstock, until Hendrix's arrival, was Ten Years After's crowning achievement.
Tesla1986 -  
Originally calling themselves City Kid, the Sacramento based band took their name from scientist Nikola Tesla.
Test Icicles2006 -  
There are mash-ups but Test Icicles IS a mash-up.
Testament1987 -  
Testament, a San Francisco based Thrash Metal band initially wanted to call themselves Legacy, but that was the trademarked name of a Jazz band.
The Thrills 
The interesting thing was The Thrills, who mined Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, Neil Young and other purveyors of the legendary California sound, hailed from Dublin, a place far removed from California ethos.
Them Crooked Vultures2009 -  
Them Crooked Vultures made their debut in Chicago then embarked on their Deserve The Future tour.
The world first heard of Van Morrison as the lead singer of Them!
Thenewno2 - The New No. 22006 -  
The New No. 2 began as a duo of Dhani Harrison and Oliver Hecks.
Theory Of A Deadman2002 -  
Theory Of A Deadman vocalist Tyler Connolly gave Nickelback's Chad Kroeger a demo at an after-show party.
They Might Be Giants1986 - 1988 
They Might Be Giants (TMBG) might best be remembered for a trio of songs; Don't Let's Start, Ana Ng and Istanbul (Not Constantinople).
Thin Lizzy1971 - 1972 
Thin Lizzy is remembered for the raucous The Boys Are Back In Town and to a lesser extent Jailbreak.
Third Eye Blind1997 -  
Like many groups, San Francisco's Third Eye Blind got going in fits and starts.
Rob Thomas2005 -  
Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas took a full-on solo turn with Something To Be The album went ot #1 on the Billboard album chart.
George Thorogood & The Destroyers1978 - 1982 
Thorogood & the Destroyers were initially signed by the small Boston based Folk/Blues label, Rounder.
Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK)2003 -  
Thousand Foot Krutch signed with Seattle's Tooth & Nail Records where they unfurled Phenomenon, a CD that sold 200,000 units.
Three Days Grace2004 -  
Three Days Grace relies on power chords and tough, dour vocals.
Three Dog Night1968 - 1974 
Three Dog Night cleaned up, simplified and sanitized Soul, R&B and even Rock for a pop audience.
Thrice2002 -  
Thrice's premiere efforts are The Artist In The Ambulance and Vheissu.
Thursday2003 -  
Thursday rides jagged guitars and hardcore ferocity as far as it will take them.
Out of Sacramento, vocalist/guitarist/programmer/ songwriter Rey Osburn and guitarist/programmer Eric Stenman got together with drummer Matt McCord and eventually bassist Rick Verrett for the electronic/modern Rock quartet Tinfed.
Ting Tings2008 -  
Ting Tings inject their songs with a confident cool and intriguing touches that more produced acts often fail to achieve.
Tinted Windows2009 -  
What do the Smashing Pumpkins, Cheap Trick, Fountains Of Wayne and Hanson have in common? The answer is Tinted Windows.
Titus Andronicus2009 -  
Titus Andronicus play see-saw chords with authority, giving Stickles room to emote
Toad The Wet Sprocket1991 - 1994 
From Santa Barbara, Toad The Wet Sprocket consisted of Glen Phillips (vocals), Todd Nichols (guitar), Dean Dinning (bass) and Randy Guss (drums).
Tokio Hotel2008 -  
Tokio Hotel's name came from the German spelling of Tokyo, a favored city.
Tokyo Police Club2006 -  
The Toronto based Paperbag Records released Tokyo Police Club's seven song Lessons In Crime in Canada.
Tool1994 -  
Tool formed in typical Hollywood style. Original bassist Paul D' Amour and guitarist Adam Jones came to the land of eternal promise to get jobs in the movie biz.
Toto is the story of high school buddies who grew up to be top L.A. session musicians.
Pete Townshend1970 -  
Given his naturally theatrical nature, Townsend's 'windmill' guitar fit perfectly.
Steve Winwood, guitarist Dave Mason, drummer Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood on sax and flute, launched Traffic.
Tragically Hip1989 - 2016 
Between '90 and '00, Tragically Hip nailed eleven Juno Awards (the Canadian Grammys) for Most Promising Group of the Year, Canadian Entertainer of the Year, Best Rock Album (Phantom Power) and Best Canadian Band Not Named Rush (just kidding about that one).
Train1998 -  
Train toured as an opening act for Barenaked Ladies, Blues Traveler and Counting Crows.
Transplants2002 -  
Transplants consist of Rancid guitarist Tim Armstrong and Blink 182/Box Car Racer drummer Travis Barker.
Trapt2003 -  
Trapt started as a Los Gatos, CA trio of vocalist/guitarist Chris Brown, lead guitarist Simon Ormandy and bassist Peter Charell.
Traveling Wilburys1988 - 1989 
Traveling Wilburys Vol. I the set to get.
Travis1997 -  
Travis unveiled Ode To J. Smith in '08.
The Treatment2011 -  
The Treatment announced that singer Mitchel Emms and guitarist Tao Grey had signed on.
Mark Tremonti2012 -  
Mark Tremonti, guitarist for Creed and Alter Bridge, earned gold and platinum albums.
Tremonti2012 -  
Mark Tremonti's solo project became a band with the inclusion of former Submersed guitarist Eric Friedman and drummer Garrett Whitlock.
Trik Turner 
Coming from a Hip-Hop background, David Bowers and Doug Moore formed Trik Turner.
Trivium2005 -  
Trivium was named the Best Live Band of 2006 at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.
The Troggs played a crude, simplistic garage Rock, long before the term came into being.
Robin Trower1974 -  
Robin Trower first came to prominence with the rather sedate Procol Harum.
Derek Trucks Band1995 -  
The Derek Trucks Band is essentially a down and dirty Rock Blues outfit.
Truth And Salvage Co.2010 -  
Truth And Salvage Co. has been compared to The Band, Buffalo Springfield and the Byrds, and rightly so.
Corin Tucker Band2010 -  
The best track on the Corin Tucker Band's debut 1,000 Years is Doubt, a power chord track reminiscent of vintage Pretenders.
KT Tunstall2006 -  
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree got well-deserved exposure leading to the re-release of KT Tunstall's debut Eye To The Telescope.
Ike & Tina Turner1966 - 1971 
Ike and Tina Turner went on tour with the Rolling Stones, which gave them some well-deserved exposure. It was an old-fashioned R&B revival.
The Turtles1965 - 1968 
The Turtles were a pop oriented counterweight to Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Jefferson Airplane.
Twenty One Pilots2009 -  
Twenty One Pilots' fourth album, Blurryface, was their first #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.
Twisted Sister1983 - 1985 
Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister provides a concise and entertaining dose of the groups anti-authoritarian Rock.
Steven Tyler1973 -  
Steven Tyler is known as the Demon of Screamin'.
U21982 -  
If the Rolling Stones were the World's Greatest Rock Band in the late '60s and early '70s, then U2 possessed the title in the '80s.
Ugly Kid Joe1991 - 1992 
After two platinum albums, Ugly Kid Joe released Menace To Sobriety.
Underoath's Define The Great Line debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, the highest debut for a Christian album in nearly a decade.
Unearth2001 -  
Unearth's claim to fame is the artful blending of what could pass for Classic Rock riffs with the bludgeoning power of Metalcore.
Union Underground2000 -  
An Education In Rebellion was Union Underground's major label debut.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra2011 -  
Unknown Mortal Orchestra was signed by Fat Possum Records who issued the group's self-titled debut.
Unwritten Law1995 - 2007 
Unwritten Law, a perfectly good SoCal Punk/Pop group with the requisite chip on their shoulder, was augmented by some healthy angst.
Uriah Heep 
Uriah Heep, taking its name from a Charles Dickens character, was something to behold.
The Used2002 -  
The Used, hailing from Provo and nearby Orem, had a tough time establishing themselves.
VAST's debut Visual Audio Sensory Theatre has been referred to as a cross between Industrial and Art Rock with some religious influences (Gregorian chants) thrown in.
The Vaccines2011 -  
The Vaccines' If You Wanna was proclaimed Hottest Record In The World in August '10 by BBC DJ/presenter Zane Lowe.
Vampire Weekend2008 -  
Vampire Weekend consists of former Columbia University students who incorporate African rhythms into songs full of literary references.
Eddie Van Halen1978 -  
Back in the early Van Halen days, when they were having their greatest success with covers, You Really Got Me and (Oh) Pretty Woman, Eddie Van Halen managed to shine.
Van Halen1979 - 1986 
Originally, Van Halen was dismissed as Rock wannabes with their over the top, excitable singer, and a reliance on covers for their hits.
Steven Van Zandt1982 - 1999 
Van Zandt's first Top 100 album (#55) was Voice Of America.
Vanilla Fudge 1967 - 1969 
Vanilla Fudge's covers sounded nothing like the originals. They tried to simulate what it was like to hear music on drugs.
Stevie Ray Vaughan1984 - 1990 
Even though Stevie Ray Vaughan claimed Jimi Hendrix as a major influence, it was after seeing a Cream concert that a fourteen-year-old Vaughan decided to play guitar.
Eddie Vedder2007 -  
Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder was born Edward Louis Severson III in Evanston, Illinois.
Velvet Revolver2005 -  
Stinging riffs, thunderous backbeats and relentless momentum are Velvet Revolver's calling cards.
Velvet Underground1967 - 1969 
The Velvet Underground started like any other band, a partnership of two driving forces: guitarist/vocalist Lou Reed and bassist/multi-instrumentalist (including cello) John Cale.
Vendetta Red2003 - 2005 
Vendetta Red, the Seattle based group started as a bar band.
The Ventures1960 - 1962 
The Ventures shine by virtue of their clean, machine-like precision.
Veronica Falls2011 -  
Singer guitarist Roxanne Clifford and drummer Patrick Doyle were in Sexy Kids. They recruited singer/guitarist James Hoare and bassist Marion Herbain to launch the indie pop band Veronica Falls.
Vertical Horizon1993 -  
Guitarists Keith Kane and Matt Scannell, impressed with each other's talent and musical direction, began working as an acoustic duo.
Veruca Salt1994 - 1997 
Seether is Veruca Salt's claim to fame.
Verve Pipe1996 - 1997 
Vocalist/guitarist and de facto leader, Brian Vander Ark, guitarist Brian Stout and drummer Donny Brown formed East Lansing's Verve Pipe.
The Verve1993 - 1997 
The Verve released the hypnotic and haunting A Storm In Heaven.
Viet Cong2015 -  
Following a pair of self-released cassettes and an appearance at SXSW, Viet Cong's labyrinthine Post-Punk got them signed to the Flemish Eye imprint.
VietNam2007 -  
Following the release of Concrete Is Always Grayer On The Other Side Of The Street, VietNam was able to secure financial backing to continue recording.
Kurt Vile2008 -  
The Bank of America snafu shouldn't obscure the fact that Kurt Vile is very talented musician.
Vimic2016 -  
Scar The Martyr eventually morphed into Vimic.
Gene Vincent1956 - 1958 
Gene Vincent recorded Be-Bop-A-Lula and Race With The Devil.
The Vines 
Playing Grunge-Punk, the Vines earned a U.K. recording contract.
Violent Femmes1983 - 1986 
The Violent Femmes' debut album eventually went platinum.
The Virginmarys2013 -  
The Virginmarys recorded what became King Of Conflict live in the studio.
The Virgins2008 - 2013 
The Virgins use a sharp, propulsive beat to drive their songs. The Virgins sound like they could have been contemporaries of The Pretenders.
Vision Of Disorder1996 -  
Vision Of Disorder's ’96 self-titled debut was credited with helping popularize Hardcore.
Vivian Girls2008 -  
Vivian Girls cut their teeth as an opening act on the way to the release of their debut, Wild Eyes.
Volbeat2005 -  
Volbeat were founded by vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen.
Von Bondies 
The Von Bondies deal in high energy, economic (songs under three minutes), neo-Punk Rock.
Voxtrot2006 -  
The EPs, live shows and fan support led to Voxtrot's self-titled full-length debut.