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 Rockin'Artist Bios M
 Artist Prime Years 
MC51968 - 1970 
The MC5 didn't get much traction until '68 when they made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine without even having an album out.
METZ2012 -  
METZ guitarist/vocalist Alex Edkins and bassist Chris Slorach decided to add Hayden Menzies because he was cheaper than a drum machine and had a van.
Machine Head1994 -  
Oakland's Machine Head was founded by Robb Flynn and Adam Duce.
Mad Season1995 - 1996 
Mad Season was commercial success but it failed to achieve its initial goal-which was to provide a clean and sober environment that would keep Layne Staley and John Saunders off drugs.
Magic Numbers2005 - 2005 
Plying Country-Folk-Rock styles, with other, more contemporary influences, the Magic Numbers' self-titled debut was co-produced by Craig Silvey (The Coral).
Malin, Jesse2007 -  
Following an eight year stand with New York's D Generation, Jesse Malin launched a couple short-lived projects before going solo.
Manchester Orchestra2008 -  
Manchester Orchestra are an effective post-Punk power-pop outfit. Their swagger, spiraling chord progressions and some good old Punk grind gives them an edge.
Manfred Mann/Manfred Mann's Earth Band1971 - 1972 
South African Jazz pianist, Manfred Lubowitz immigrated to England and started the pop oriented Manfred Mann.
Marilyn Manson1994 -  
Marilyn Manson took two years to create the riff driven, nihilistic blaster Antichrist Superstar.
Ida Maria2008 -  
Ida Maria's debut album Fortress Round My Heart peaked at #39 on the U.K. chart.
Marillion1983 -  
Marillion formed as Silmarillion, after J.R.R. Tolkien's book of the same name. It was shortened to avoid potential copyright conflicts.
Maroon 52003 -  
Some love Maroon 5; some don't. Frontman Adam Levine is okay with that.
Johnny Marr1984 -  
Marr issued his solo debut The Messenger, in '13.
The Mars Volta2002 -  
The Mars Volta owes a lot to the throw it all in the pot, stir it up and see what happens mentality.
Marshall Tucker Band1973 - 1975 
The Marshall Tucker Band recorded their self-titled debut and hit the road opening for the Allman Brothers Band.
Massacre1991 - 1996 
Massacre, a Death Metal band, saw its demise and resurrection played out repeatedly in the '80s.
Mastodon2004 -  
Mastodon recorded a demo and spent much of '00 touring the east coast as an opening act, including a stint with Queens Of The Stone Age.
Matchbox Twenty1998 - 2007 
Matchbox Twenty's Yourself Or Someone Like You has more bite, energy and force than the follow-up Mad Season.
Brian May1975 - 1980 
Brian May showed an early musical aptitude, first on the ukulele, then guitar and piano.
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers1966 - 1970 
The first thing people mentioned about John Mayall was who played in the Bluesbreakers. The list is long and illustrious. Almost all of the musicians who joined were unknown when they signed on.
Mayday Parade2007 -  
Mayday Parade's Monsters In The Closet made its debut at #10 on the Billboard 200 selling 30,000 copies in the first week.
John Mayer2001 -  
John Mayer's Continuum marks a change of direction, though hardly as major or significant, as it's been made out to be.
Paul McCartney1972 - 1977 
Paul McCartney's legend looms largest not with Wings or as a solo artist, it is for taking the helm during The Beatles' final years serving as the group's de facto leader, songwriter and singer.
Meat Loaf1977 - 1978 
The Texas born, L.A. bred, Meat Loaf (known to his parents as Marvin Lee Aday) set out on a rather unusual solo career.
Meat Puppets1981 - 1994 
'94 was THE year for the Meat Puppets.
Megadeth 1983 -  
When you break it down, Megadeth is guitar, bass, drums and guitar solos, explained guitarist Dave Mustaine.
John Mellencamp1978 -  
Starting with Ain't Even Done With The Night, Mellencamp wrote and performed several Rock classics from a unique American perspective.
The Men2010 -  
The Men is a Brooklyn-based Punk band.
Freddie Mercury1975 - 1980 
As Queen's frontman, Freddie Mercury was so over the top that he was absolutely perfect.
Mercury Rev1998 - 2005 
The Secret Migration is Mercury Rev's best work.
MercyMe2001 -  
Since MercyMe formed they have scored a double platinum album, gold albums and #1 singles on the Billboard Christian Songs chart.
Metallica1983 - 2008 
Had Metallica run out of steam at the end of the '80s they would have had an exceptional run.
Metric1999 -  
Like several bands, Metric uses the '80s as a touchstone.
Mew2003 -  
Mew, hailing from Copenhagen, had their first major commercial success with their third album.
Bret Michaels1984 -  
Bret Michaels first achieved fame as the frontman for Poison, a very successful Glam-Metal band. But no one could have possibly charted Michaels' post-Poison career.
Midnight Oil1983 - 1988 
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 is Midnight Oil's best album.
Mika Miko2006 -  
Mika Miko's We Be Xuxa is a frantic, entertaining set that blends Garage Rock ethos with Punk.
Steve Miller Band1968 - 1977 
After forming the Steve Miller Band in San Francisco the group played the Fillmore West and the Monterey International Pop Festival (with Hendrix, the Who, Animals, etc.).
Rhett Miller2001 -  
Rhett Miller's music is slightly reminiscent of the early Eagles but lyrically he's more adventurous and challenging.
Ministry1992 - 2007 
A decade into their career, Ministry found a perfect piece of nonsense with the single Jesus Built My Hotrod.
The Minus 51993 -  
Before he began working with R.E.M. Scott McCaughey founded The Minus 5, which featured R.E.M.'s Peter Buck.
Minus The Bear2001 -  
Imagine a solo Sting trying to do a progressive version of the Police. That's Minus The Bear.
The Misfits1977 - 1983 
The Misfits can be viewed as a Speed Metal take on Alice Cooper with ghoulish images, horror movie themes and tales of aliens (not the ones from Mexico), delivered with a sick sense of humor.
Missing Persons1981 - 1983 
Though their recorded history was brief, Missing Persons should have been huge since their synth-Rock sound was perfectly in tune with the times, as was Dale Bozzio's eye grabbing appearance.
Mitski2014 -  
Mitski's third album, Bury Me At Makeout Creek won widespread critical acclaim.
Moby Grape1967 - 1969 
Moby Grape was a band of five extraordinarily talented musicians who all sang and wrote songs that merged Folk, Country, Blues and Jazz.
Modest Mouse1997 -  
Modest Mouse formed around Isaac Brock, Eric Judy and Jeremiah Green.
Moe1997 - 2007 
From Utica, NY, by way of the University of Buffalo, Five Guys Named Moe, distilled their name down to Moe in the early '90s.
Mogwai1997 -  
Mogwai was different from their contemporaries in that they produced a large number of instrumentals.
Molly Hatchet 
Rolling out of Jacksonville, FL in '75 Molly Hatchet made their recording debut just three years later.
The Monkees1966 - 1967 
The Monkees were slick attempt to recreate the Beatles for TV
Monsters Of Folk2009 -  
Though they had played together both informally and onstage since '04, it wasn't until '09 that Monsters Of Folk released their self-titled debut.
Montrose1973 - 1976 
Ronnie Montrose decided to start his own group in '73 with Sammy Hagar on vocals.
Moody Blues1969 - 1981 
John Lodge and Justin Heyward served as the Moody Blues' creative core.
Morningwood plays faux-Punk ear candy.
Jim Morrison1967 - 1971 
Morrison was always the Doors' focal point, even if it was reluctantly.
Van Morrison1968 - 1972 
Van Morrison left the Irish (Belfast) group Them! in '66, Despite artistic compromise, the group's fortunes had hardly changed so Morrison decided it was time to strike out on his own.
(Stephen Patrick) Morrissey's solo career began as the Smiths came crashing to a halt.
Moth released their debut Provisions, Fiction & Gear in '02.
Motion City Soundtrack2002 -  
Motion City Soundtrack issued their fourth album, the Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) produced My Dinosaur Life, in early '10.
Motley Crue1983 - 1989 
Dr. Feelgood, with a surprising number of great songs, and Theatre Of Pain are Motley Crue's memorable achievements.
Motorhead1975 - 1986 
Motorhead's No Remorse in '81 was the perfect example of the band's all-out, no compromise, Heavy Metal attack
Mott The Hoople1969 - 1974 
Pulling themselves together in the late '60s Mott The Hopple tried blending the Rolling Stones-type Rock with Bob Dylan's lyrics
Mountain 1970 - 1971 
Mountain didn't start as a power trio. The group had east coast guitar maven Leslie West, Pappalardi on bass, drummer Corky Laing and Steve Knight on organ.
Mourn2015 -  
Jazz Rodriguez Bueno and her kid sister Leia, of Barcelona's Mourn, got a jump on their contemporaries because their father was a fairly successful musician.
Mudcrutch2008 -  
After Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers were inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, Petty got the idea to revive Mudcrutch.
Mudhoney1989 - 1999 
It's one of Rock's great mysteries: Why wasn't Mudhoney bigger?
Mudvayne2000 -  
Mudvayne's self-released debut got them signed to Epic Records.
Muse1999 -  
After calling yourself Gothic Plague, Fixed Penalty and Rocket Baby Dolls settling on The Muse sounds a bit pedestrian.
MxPx1994 -  
MxPx and the City of Bremerton launched a marketing effort revolving around the band's song Move To Bremerton.
My Bloody Valentine1988 - 1991 
My Bloody Valentine was founded by New York born, but Dublin raised, Kevin Sheilds and childhood friend Colm O'Ciosoig.
My Chemical Romance2002 - 2012 
Gerard Way calls My Chemical Romance's music 'violent, unsafe pop music.
My Darkest Days2010 -  
My Darkest Days formed in '05 and released their self-titled debut five year's later.
My Dying Bride1993 -  
My Dying Bride is recognized as a forerunner of Doom Metal.
My Morning Jacket2003 -  
Like many great Southern Rock bands, My Morning Jacket is a family project.
My Ruin1999 -  
Recorded at Soundtrack Black Studio in the hills of East Tennessee Alt. Metal band My Ruin issued The Sacred Mood in '13.
 Rockin'Artist Bios N O
 Artist Prime Years 
NOFX1992 -  
NOFX started as a Berkeley, CA, based trio in '83 but soon relocated to L.A.
Nashville Teens 
They weren't from Nashville and they weren't teens but the Nashville Teens were one of countless '60s British groups playing Blues through a Rock filter.
The National2001 -  
The National's Boxer album led to late night TV appearances (Letterman, Ferguson) and a couple songs landed in TV shows.
Rick Nelson1957 - 1960 
In 1957, Rick Nelson was featured on his parent's TV show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.
Neon Trees2010 -  
Neon Trees fill their songs with catchy melodies, synth fills and some can't get it out of your head hooks.
Nervosa2014 -  
Victim Of Yourself garnered generally favorable reviews and tour dates leading to the group's 16 release Agony, which contained the track Intolerance Means War.
New Found Glory1999 -  
New Found Glory (NFG) came together in the summer of '97 with vocalist Jordan Pundik, bassist Ian Grushka, drummer Cyrus Bolooki and guitarists Chad Gilbert and Steve Klein.
New Pornographers2000 -  
The New Pornographers, a Vancouver based collective, came together in '96 around vocalist/multi-instrumentalist A.C. (Carl) Newman, vocalist/guitarist Dan Bejar, bassist John Collins, synthesizer player Blaine Thurier (also a well known cartoonist/filmmaker) and vocalist Neko Case.
New York Dolls1973 - 1975 
The New York Dolls formed with Johnny Thunders, Rick Rivets, Arthur Kane and Billy Murcia.
Newsted2012 -  
Newsted released a four-song EP that sold over 6,000 copies in its first week to land at #62 on the Billboard 200 chart.
Nickel Eye2009 -  
With The Strokes' fourth album still nowhere in sight, bassist Nikolai Fraiture launched Nickel Eye (a pun on his first name).
Nickelback1998 -  
Nickelback is from Vancouver, B.C.
Stevie Nicks1981 - 1983 
During the gap between Fleetwood Mac's studio albums, Stevie Nicks released Bella Donna, her most accomplished and commercially successful record.
Nine Inch Nails1988 -  
Pretty Hate Machine still stands as Nine Inch Nails most forceful and best CD.
Nirvana1989 - 1994 
During its brief existence Nirvana served as the lightening rod for the Seattle scene and Kurt Cobain with his shaggy blond hair, three day beard, worn and torn jeans and tennis shoes was the Grunge poster boy.
No Age2008 -  
No Age trade on noise and intensity.
No Doubt1992 - 2000 
No Doubt's first crack at the big time came just before Christmas in '87 at the Roxy in Hollywood.
Nonpoint1999 -  
Robb Rivera started Nonpoint Factor in Puerto Rico but wasn't happy with the results or the possibilities, so he re-located.
Nude Beach2010 -  
Nude Beach might be the name of a California hippie/folk collective but it's actually a Brooklyn based guitar-pop band.
Ted Nugent1972 - 1976 
Ted Nugent made his first indelible impression as the lead guitarist for Amboy Dukes.
O.A. R.1997 -  
O.A.R. are DMB Lite, both in the studio and onstage. Like Dave Matthews, O.A.R. blends Folk, Pop, World Beat and Reggae in midtempo songs.
OK Go2001 -  
OK Go released a series of CD singles that sold well enough to get them signed by Capitol Records.
Oasis1995 - 2005 
Back when the Gallaghers were drinking and fighting they produced the classic (What's The Story) Morning Glory, the group's masterpiece.
October Tide2010 -  
After leaving Katatonia, a Heavy Metal band from Stockholm, Fred Norrman reformed October Tide in early '09.
Of Mice And Men2010 -  
Of Mice & Men's Restoring Force made its debut at #4 on the Billboard 200.
Of Monsters And Men2012 -  
Of Monsters and Men won the Musiktilraunir, an annual battle of the bands competition in Iceland.
Of Montreal1997 -  
Eclectic. That is the best word to describe Of Montreal, the Athens, Georgia band led by Kevin Barnes.
Offspring1992 -  
Offspring isn't a bad name, but it's sure no Clowns of Death.
Okkervil River2005 -  
Will Sheff has remained the only constant in Okkervil River.
Kenny Olson Cartel2012 -  
Kenny Olson, guitarist for Kid Rock, launched the Kenny Olson Cartel.
One Day As A Lion2008 -  
One Day As A Lion had Rage Against The Machine singer Zack de la Rocha and former Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore.
Onslaught1983 - 1991 
Onslaught's initial run featured their sophomore set The Force.
Operation: Mindcrime2014 -  
Operation: Mindcrime's debut, The Key, was the first album in a planned trilogy.
Opeth1995 -  
Opeth's ninth album was their highest-charting album to date, debuting at #23 on the US Billboard 200.
Roy Orbison 1961 - 1964 
Roy Orbison's trademark look happened by accident.
Ozzy Osbourne1981 - 1983 
Born John Osbourne, the bat eater is better known as Ozzy.
Ought2014 -  
Ought is a Canadian group. Only they're not.
Our Lady Peace1995 -  
Our Lady Peace was the title of a 1943 Mark van Doren poem.
The Outfield1984 - 1989 
The Outfield toured with the likes of Journey and Starship which speaks volumes about the band's sound and appeal.
Outlaws1977 - 1978 
Officially, the Outlaws formed in 1974 and disbanded in 1996. In reality, they were a factor for about a tenth of that time.
Overkill1989 -  
The Years Of Decay and Horroscope are Overkill's best work.