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 Rockin'Artist Bios K
 Artist Prime Years 
KISS1975 - 1979 
Prime KISS is 1975-77 - a long time in Rock years.
Kaiser Chiefs2005 -  
The Kaiser Chiefs play with confidence and add their own touches, not the least of which is Ricky Wilson's cock-sure vocals.
With Steve Walsh (vocals/keyboards) and Kerry Livgren (guitar), Kansas also featured Robby Steinhardt on violin.
Kasabian2005 -  
Kasabian formed in Leicester but decided to hole up in a farm house to work up songs.
Kataklysm1995 -  
Kataklysm was once ranked 7th on AOL Radio's list of the 10 Best Death Metal bands.
Keane2004 -  
Inevitably there are the Keane-Coldplay comparisons. They do exist but Keane comes closer in style and substance to Dashboard Confessional.
Kid Rock1994 -  
If you want to catch Kid Rock at his best, his debut Grits Sandwich For Breakfast and his major commercial breakthrough Devil Without A Cause are it.
Kill Hannah 
Influenced by The Cure, Kill Hannah released three indie EPs and two albums.
Killer Be Killed2014 -  
It's a bit of Sabbath-y doom, a bit of Thrash, a bit of Hardcore and Punk, explained Killer Be Killed guitarist Puciato of the group's self-titled debut.
The Killers2004 -  
The Killers, taking their name from a New Order video, soon built a local rep but their first label contract came from the London based indie Lizard King.
The Kills2003 -  
A veteran of the Florida Punk band Discount, Alison Mosshart met the British born Jamie Hince pretty much by chance.
Killswitch Engage2002 -  
Former Overcast bassist Mike D' Antonio (Mike D) linked with ex-Aftershock guitarists Joel Stroetzel and drummer Mike Adam Dutkiewitz.
King Crimson1969 - 1974 
King Crimson members included Greg Lake who went on to Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame, ex-Yes member Bill Bruford, Asia's future bassist John Wetton and Ian McDonald, an original Foreigner member.
King Diamond1986 - 1990 
Following Mercyful Fate's Don't Break The Oath, King Diamond left to start his eponymous band.
King Tuff2012 -  
L.A. based singer/guitarist Kyle Thomas masquerades as King Tuff, a Glam/Metal hybrid.
Kings Of Chaos2013 -  
Kings Of Chaos is a downsized edition of the loose collective known as the Rock N' Roll All Stars
Kings Of Leon2003 -  
The Kings of Leon bare a resemblance to The Band's loose and free flowing style.
The Kingsmen  
The Kingsmen's story is the story of one song. But what a song!
The Kinks 
Ray Davies had received a guitar for his thirteenth birthday. He also convinced his parents to buy one for his kid brother Dave. Nice guy. They started out as the Ravens, a name inspired by Ray Davies seeing a Vincent Price movie.
Kitten2010 -  
Kitten, an L.A. Indie Rock band, formed in '09.
The Knack 
The word on The Knack was they recorded their debut album Get The Knack in eleven days for eighteen-thousand dollars.
The Knickerbockers1965 - 1966 
The Knickerbockers released over a dozen singles in the course of their career but only one really mattered.
KoRn1994 -  
KoRn's self-titled debut featured the darkly metallic Shoots And Ladders.
Kooks2006 -  
Like their mortal enemies, Razorlight, The Kooks play Garage Rock cut with Britpop.
Lenny Kravitz1995 -  
Lenny Kravitz came from a showbiz family.
Ben Kweller2000 -  
Ben Kweller was one of those child prodigies. At the ripe old age of nine he entered a songwriting contest sponsored by Billboard magazine and earned an honorable mention.
Kyuss1991 - 1995 
Josh Homme is the person most closely associated with Kyuss, a '90's stoner psychedelic band.
 Rockin'Artist Bios L
 Artist Prime Years 
L71988 - 2001 
L7 was often associated with the Riot Grrrl movement in the '90s.
Lacuna Coil2002 -  
When Milian's Goth Metal group Lacuna Coil (meaning 'empty spiral') emerged they caught people's attention, especially because they had female and male co-vocalists.
Lake Street Dive2006 -  
Lake Street Dive, an indie band, was named after a street with many less than reputable bars in Mike Olson's hometown of Minneapolis.
Lamb Of God1999 -  
Several promoters banned Burn The Priest because they thought it was an evil or satanic name. So the group became Lamb Of God.
Land Of Talk2008 -  
Vocalist/guitarist Elizabeth Powell started Land Of Talk with bassist Chris McCarron and drummer Mark Wheaton.
Mark Lanegan1990 -  
Mark Lanegan's musical ventures took him through Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Queens Of The Stone Age and a solo career.
Lashes2006 - 2006 
The Lashes released an EP on Lookout! Records, The Stupid Stupid.
The Last In Line2016 -  
The driving force behind The Last In Line was Vivian Campbell.
Last Shadow Puppets2008 -  
Last Shadow Puppets grew out of a collaboration between Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane.
Avril Lavigne2002 -  
Tagged as the anti-Britney Spears, eighteen year old Avril Lavigne sold over three million copies of her '02 debut Anything But Ordinary.
Leaves' Eyes2005 -  
Leaves' Eyes, a symphonic Metal outfit, became known for their beauty (Liv Kristine) and the beast (Alexander Krull) vocals.
Led Zeppelin1968 - 1980 
Generally thought of as Heavy Metal founding fathers, Led Zeppelin, even in its earliest days, mixed acoustic and electric instruments on Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You and Your Time Is Gonna Come from Led Zeppelin.
Lemonheads1992 - 1996 
The Lemonheads were one of those bands who seemed to garner more attention than their popularity warranted.
Len Price 32004 -  
It's funny that the '60's post- Brit invasion/pre-psychedelic era lasted a little over a year but the Len Price 3 have worked that vein far longer.
John Lennon1969 - 1980 
John Lennon was the first Beatle to appear as a solo (more or less) when he launched the Plastic Ono Band.
Julian Lennon1984 - 1985 
Julian Lennon's debut album spawned three hits.
Letlive2005 -  
That Post-Hardcore band Letlive was dropped from a show at the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, FL was not surprising.
Huey Lewis & The News 1982 - 1984 
Huey Lewis & The News was a long time coming, Members had been in several Bay Area bands of little consequence.
Jenny Lewis2006 -  
The Las Vegas born Jenny Lewis came by her performing instincts naturally. Her parents had a lounge act.
Jerry Lee Lewis1957 - 1977 
Jerry Lewis Lewis is the Killer and creator of Great Balls of Fire and Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.
Juliette Lewis2005 -  
Juliette Lewis was born in L.A. Her dad was an actor so her future seemed preordained.
Libertines2003 -  
The Libertines got picked up by Rough Trade where they released the double-sided UK hit single What A Waster/I Get Along and that success attracted Mick Jones, former guitarist with the legendary Clash, who produced the group's rough-edged neo-Punk, debut album Up The Bracket.
Lifehouse2000 -  
Lifehouse began playing every Friday at a local school auditorium. Soon these performances were attracting a few hundred teens.
Lightning Seeds1990 - 1996 
Ian Broudie, known primarily as the producer for Echo & The Bunnymen and Icicle Works, began recording under the name Lightning Seeds.
Limp Bizkit1996 - 2000 
Limp Bizkit formed in '94 around ex-Navy plebe Fred Durst.
Linkin Park2000 -  
Linkin Park burst out of the So. Cal music scene with their debut, Hybrid Theory followed by Meteora.
Little Joy2008 -  
Little Joy took its name from a cocktail lounge just down the street from where band memebers lived.
Little Richard1955 - 1958 
Born in Macon, GA, to a deeply religious family, Richard Penniman began performing at age eight belting out R&B and Gospel songs.
Lit1999 - 2001 
Being the top group in Fullerton, CA, may not seem like much but it was enough to get Lit a record deal.
Live1994 - 1999 
Live's sophomore set, Throwing Copper, sold over 8 million copies.
Living Colour1991 -  
Living Colour's Punk/Funk Metal is something to behold.
The Living End 
Living End guitarist/singer/songwriter Chris Cheney was a major Stray Cats fan.
Living Things2003 - 2005 
Living Things' Ahead Of The Lions is a fierce, energetic, politically conscious Punk album.
Duff McKagan's Loaded2001 -  
Loaded celebrated the arrival of their Sick album with a release party in their hometown of Seattle. They performed and signed autographs at the event.
Loggins & Messina1971 - 1976 
Loggins & Messina are known novelty hit Your Mama Don't Dance, but there's more.
Kenny Loggins1977 - 1986 
Kenny Loggins solo career began with the release of his debut album Celebrate Me Home.
Long Blondes2006 -  
The Long Blondes Someone To Drive You Home is an exceptional debut.
Longwave2003 -  
Longwave acquired a manager, Jim Merlis and his company also handled publicity for The Strokes whose manager offered Longwave a couple opening slots.
Lorde2013 -  
Lorde (real name is Ella Yelich-O'Conner) became the first female solo artist to top Billboard's Alternative Rock chart since Tracy Bonham did it in '96.
Lostprophets2000 - 2013 
Lostprophets are often compared to Linkin Park and other Nu Metal groups.
Louis XIV2005 -  
Every time Louis XIV's name comes up there's a litany of acts they are compared to; AC/DC, David Bowie, Queen, T-Rex and so on.
Love And Rockets1985 - 1989 
Though Love And Rockets released four albums in the '80s they are best remembered for their hit So Alive which peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Love As Laughter1996 -  
Love As Laughter started as a Punk outfit and progressively took their foot off the accelerator to check out other possibilities.
Courtney Love1994 -  
Since Hole bit the dust Courtney Love (the widow Cobain, mother of Frances Bean and wrangler of the Nirvana legacy) has managed to stay in the public eye.
Love Is All2006 -  
Love Is All released the reckless and noisy Nine Times That Same Song.
Love 1966 - 1967 
Unlike most bands around during the birth of Acid psychedelic Rock and Hard Rock Love was actually a great band. Revolving around leader/singer/multi-instrumentalist Arthur Lee
Lovemakers2005 - 2005 
In '02, when guitarist vocalist Scott Blonde and vocalist, bassist, violinist Lisa Light got kicked out of a band they decided to form the Lovemakers.
Loverboy1981 - 1983 
Loverboy was one of many bands with an innate ability to apply a pop sheen to their sound.
Lovin' Spoonful 
Influenced by the Beatles, Folk singers Sebastian and Yanovsky started the group taking their name from Mississippi John Hurt's 'Coffee Blues'.
Low Cut Connie2011 -  
Low Cut Connie went from a duo to a quartet with the addition of guitarist James Everhart and bassist Will Donnelly.
Nick Lowe 
More people have heard of Nick Lowe (as a producer, songwriter or ex-spouse) than have heard his music.
Low1994 -  
At Low's core was the married couple of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker.
John Lydon 
One minute, you're John Lydon, kid on the street and the next you're Johnny Rotten, penultimate Punk Rocker.
Lynyrd Skynyrd1973 - 1977 
Recorded just before the plane went down Street Survivors (That Smell and What's Your Name) is Lynyrd Skynyrd's hottest studio album.