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 Rockin'Artist Bios G
 Artist Prime Years 
Peter Gabriel 
Peter Gabriel's music crossed Rock's path and did so in a compelling way, but that wasn't the whole story.
Noel Gallagher2011 -  
Noel Gallagher appeared to be the odd man out after the Oasis implosion but that changed with the formation of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.
Gamma1979 - 1982 
Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison formed Gamma.
Gang Of Four1979 - 1983 
Gang Of Four were widely considered one of the leading bands of the post-Punk movement.
Garbage1995 - 1998 
Garbage's self-titled debut album sold four million copies worldwide.
Gaslight Anthem2007 -  
The Gaslight Anthem opened for fellow Jersey native Bruce Springsteen at London's Hard Rock Calling festival.
Genesis1972 - 1977 
Under Peter Gabriel's leadership, Genesis was Prog Rock to the hilt.
The Get Up Kids 
The Get Up Kids formed in Kansas City with Pryor, bassist Rob Pope, vocalist/guitarist Jim Suptic and drummer Nathan Shay.
Amanda Ghost 
EMF's Ian Dench and Mount Rushmore's Lucas Barton came across Amanda Ghost while she was doing the North London club circuit.
The Ghost Inside2008 -  
The Ghost Inside was originally known as A Dying Dream.
Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger2010 -  
Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger made their debut during a Valentine's Day performance at Radio City Music Hall.
Ghost2013 -  
Ghost (once known as Ghost B.C. in the U.S.) was fronted by Papa Emeritus who wore a skull mask and dressed like a demonic anti-Pope.
Giant Drag2005 - 2005 
It's evident from the lyrics on Hearts And Unicorns that guys messed up bad with Giant Drag's Annie Hardy.
Ian Gillan1988 - 2006 
Though Ian Gillan's solo career never reached the heights of Deep Purple, or Black Sabbath for that matter, he had a long and rewarding run.
Gin Blossoms1992 - 1997 
Owing more to the Byrds and Tom Petty than Heavy Metal and Punk, the Gin Blossoms were a direct contrast to the prevailing Grunge sound.
Girlpool2015 -  
Girlpool's self-titled debut EP was posted on their Bandcamp account.
Girlschool1980 - 1982 
Girlschool was one of those bands that garnered a lot of attention for being an all-female British Metal band.
Glass Animals2015 -  
Paul Epworth, Adele's producer, found time to champion Glass Animals after seeing them perform in London.
Glasvegas2008 -  
Glasvegas sounds like The Clash with soaring choruses.
The Go! Team2005 -  
When Parton was developing the concept for The Go! Team he wanted to mix samples, pop/cheerleader type chants, a taste of Hip-Hop, keyboards, guitars, horns (both real and synth) and even harmonica to create a noisy sound that made an impact.
Go-Gos1981 - 1985 
Starting as a L.A. Punk group, the Go-Go's mainstreamed their sound by the time they got around to their excellent debut album.
Godsmack2000 -  
Godsmack's Awake is a dark, thunderous Rocker.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor1999 -  
God Speed You! Black Emperor (GYBE or GY!BE) has never enjoyed much mainstream success, so for most people, any awareness of the group has come from movie and book references.
Gojira2008 -  
Gojira's lot improved with the release of L'Enfant Sauvage.
Golden Earring 
The Dutch group Golden Earring was around long before Radar Love and they were active long after.
Gone Is Gone2016 -  
Members of Mastodon, At The Drive-In and Queens Of The Stone Age comprise Gone Is Gone.
Goo Goo Dolls1995 - 2006 
Buffalo natives guitarist/vocalist Johnny Rzeznik, bassist Robby Takac and drummer George Tutuska formed the Goo Goo Dolls.
Good Charlotte2000 - 2003 
Good Charlotte's debut and the Young And The Hopeless are exciting speed Punk adventures with all the snotty exuberance that took Blink 182 to the top.
Good For You2013 -  
Good For You is a band with Greg Ginn (Black Flag) and Mike Vallely.
The Good, The Bad & The Queen2007 -  
The release of The Good, The Bad & The Queen's debut single, Herculean was followed by an appearance on the BBC's Electric Proms.
Gov't Mule1995 -  
Though they are an Allman Brothers off-shoot, Gov't Mule doesn't tread the same ground.
Grand Funk Railroad  
It can happen through the creative process, which is rare. Bands often spend years trying to find a successful formula and a reluctant to mess with it.
Grass Roots1967 - 1971 
During their career, the Grass Roots earned two gold albums. Both were compilations of their hit singles.
Grateful Dead1967 - 1974 
At last count there are no less than 3,573,512 bootleg Grateful Dead albums.
Great White 
Great White were competent musicians, deeply influenced by AC/DC and Led Zeppelin but sorely lacked the creativity.
Green Day1994 -  
After two good, if unexceptional, albums, Green Day nail it with Dookie.
Norman Greenbaum1969 - 1970 
Norman Greenbaum's Spirit In The Sky an uplifting-even spiritual hit.
The Greenhornes1999 -  
Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, two-thirds of the Greenhornes, are also known as one-half of The Raconteurs, the band fronted by the White Stripes Jack White and Detroit musician Brendon Benson.
Grouplove2011 -  
Grouplove formed when Hannah Hopper, Christian Zucconi and Sean Gadd traveled to L.A. to hook up with drummer/producer RyanRabin.
Guess Who1970 - 1973 
Starting as Chad Allen and the Reflections, the Guess Who scored a hit with a remake of Johnny Kidd's Shakin' All Over.
Guns N' Roses1987 - 1993 
Guns N' Roses always managed to find controversy.
Guttermouth1992 - 2001 
The Hunnington Beach group Guttermouth (great name) formed in '89.
Gwar1988 - 2013 
The merging of music and theatre is common but few took it to the extremes Gwar did.
 Rockin'Artist Bios H
 Artist Prime Years 
H201996 -  
The group celebrated their 15th anniversary with a world tour.
HIM1997 -  
HIM's U.S. breakthrough album, Dark Light made its debut in the Top 20 of Billboard's album chart.
HURT2006 -  
HURT signed with Capitol Records and released HURT Vol. 1 in and Vol. 2, led by a Top 10 Hit on the Active Rock Radio Chart.
Sammy Hagar1980 - 1983 
Sammy Hagar, the Red Rocker, first gained notoriety as the vocalist for Montrose.
Haim2012 -  
Haim's three song EP Forever earned critical praise.
Halestorm2009 -  
Halestorm's self-titled debut took possession of the #40 slot of the album chart.
Bill Haley & His Comets 1955 - 1956 
For a guy who'd spent his career as a third tier Country-Western performer, Bill Haley had incredible timing.
Albert Hammond Jr.2006 -  
When The Strokes took a (lengthy) break, Hammond took the opportunity to record Yours To Keep.
Hanoi Rocks1982 - 1984 
Ironically, Hanoi Rocks is most likely remembered, if remembered at all, for losing their drummer in an infamous car wreck.
Emmylou Harris1975 - 1983 
A good way to get introduced to Emmylou Harris is Profile: Best Of Emmylou Harris and Profile: II.
George Harrison1971 - 1974 
It was with low expectations that Harrison began recording All Things Must Pass, an obvious reference to The Beatles but also a philosophical statement.
PJ Harvey1992 -  
PJ (Polly Jean) Harvey earned the Mercury Prize for the best album from the United Kingdom and Ireland, not once, but twice.
Haste The Day2004 -  
Haste The Day started as a Metalcore band and have remained faithful.
Hatchet2008 -  
When Hatchet released their third studio album, Fear Beyond Lunacy, they were a new group behind founding member, vocalist/lead guitarist Julz Ramos.
Hate Eternal2002 -  
Hate Eternal, formed by guitarist Erik Rutan, made their first real dent with the video for Powers That Be.
Hatebreed2006 -  
Hatebreed is a Metalcore band from New Haven, CT.
Screamin' Jay Hawkins 
I Put A Spell On You is Screamin' Jay Hawkins classic song.
Head Cat2008 -  
Head Cat's debut album was recorded at a Hollywood studio called the Tiki Hut.
Jeff Healey Band1988 - 1995 
Jeff Healey and his band got cast in the '89 Patrick Swayze film Road House.
Heartless Bastards2005 -  
It was the Keys' Patrick Carney who passed along a demo that got Heartless Bastards signed to Fat Possum Records.
Heart1975 - 1978 
The Seattle based Heart started out as the Army with Ann Wilson (vocals) Howard Lesse (guitar/keyboards), Steve Fossen (bass), Michael Derosier (drums) and Roger Fisher (guitar).
Heaven & Hell2006 -  
Iommi, Butler and Ward hooked up with Dio again for Heaven & Hell.
The Heavy2007 -  
The Heavy were built around a core of vocalist Kelvin Swaby and guitarist Dan Taylor.
Hellion1987 - 1990 
Hellion is an L.A. based Metal group fronted by vocalist Ann Boleyn.
Hellyeah2007 -  
Hellyeah sounds like Pantera crossed with Mudvayne vocals.
Helmet1990 - 1998 
Helmet formed in '89 led by guitarist Page Hamilton.
Jimi Hendrix1967 - 1970 
Noel Redding (bass) and Mitch Mitchell (drums) were hired and The Jimi Hendrix Experience was born.
Don Henley1982 - 1986 
Henley's solo career varies significantly from his Eagles work.
Hinder2005 -  
Hinder built a strong regional following before going the indie route.
Hinds2015 -  
The Hinds, a Lo-Fi, Garage Rock band from Madrid, were originally known as Deers.
Hiss developed a major local reputation which inevitably brought them to the attention of several labels.
Robyn Hitchcock1981 -  
Robyn Hitchcock may be an acquired taste but he's one worth picking up.
Hives2000 -  
With each outing the Hives are less manic and more accessible.
The Hold Steady2004 -  
Craig Finn's grittier take on Springsteen's storytelling comes to the forefront on The Hold Steady's recordings.
Hole1992 - 1994 
Hole hit their peak with Live Through This, which was released a week before Courtney Love's husband, Kurt Cobain, died.
Forming in Manchester, England in the early '60s the Hollies rode the vocal and guitar talents Graham Nash and Allan Clarke. While a solid singles success the Hollies never had a significant album and that irked Nash.
Buddy Holly1958 - 1959 
All Holly did, over his twenty-two months of fame, was write and record classic Rock n' Roll that was clearly the next evolutionary step and influenced Rock's next generation and beyond.
Hollywood Vampires2015 -  
Hollywood Vampires was a group formed by Alice Cooper, actor/guitarist Johnny Depp and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.
Hoobastank2001 -  
Hoobastank formed in 1995 with vocalist Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin and bassist Marku Lappalainen.
Hooray For Earth2010 -  
Hooray For Earth's full-length debut had several tracks featuring vocal contributions by New York City noise-pop group Zambri.
Hooters1985 - 1987 
The Hooters' debut album had the ominous, churning, epic All You Zombies.
Hootie & The Blowfish1994 - 1998 
When the dust settled Hootie and the Blowfish had the #3 best selling debut album of all time, behind Whitney Houston and Meatloaf.
Hop Along2012 -  
Having moved to the indie label Saddle Creek Records, Hop Along rolled out Painted Shut.
The Horrors2007 -  
To understand The Horrors it's best view them as a hybrid of The Doors, Ramones and B-52s.
Hot Hot Heat2002 - 2006 
Hot Hot Heat's EP Knock Knock Knock hit in April of '02 and was followed by their New Wave revivalist album Make Up The Breakdown.
Hotelier2014 -  
Hotelier's sophomore set, Home, Like Noplace Is There, significantly improved the group's profile.
Houndstooth2013 -  
Houndstooth began as a collaboration between Katie Bernstein and John Gnorski.
How To Destroy Angels2010 -  
How To Destroy Angels, A Drowning, was released as a digital single in '10.
Howlin' Rain2006 -  
Comets On Fire vet, Ethan Miller decided to pursue a more melodic sound forming Howlin' Rain with Ian Gradek (bass) and John Moloney (drums).
Howling Bells2009 -  
Howling Bells self-titled debut earned high ratings from New Musical Express (NME) and Pitchfork.
Humble Pie1971 - 1972 
Humble Pie Rocks live.
Huntress2010 -  
Huntress' Starbound Beast put the group in the Top 20 (#12) on the U.S. Heatseekers chart for the first time.