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 Rockin'Artist Bios 0-9 A
 Artist Prime Years 
10 Years2006 -  
Wasteland took the dark Progressive Rock of 10 Years a little closer to the mass audience-which may or may not have been the desired result.
The 19752013 -  
We're a post-modern pop band that references a million things, said Matthew Healy, frontman for The 1975.
1990s2007 -  
1990s opened for Babyshambles and Franz Ferdinand prior to issuing their debut Cookies.
3 Doors Down2002 -  
Hailing from the backwaters of Escatawpa, Mississippi, 3 Doors Down began life as a trio with guitarist Matt Roberts, bassist Todd Harrell and Arnold handling vocals along with drums.
3 Inches Of Blood2002 - 2015 
3 Inches Of Blood enjoyed their greatest commercial success with Fire Up The Blades.
30 Seconds To Mars2002 -  
Jared Leto wrote and recorded 30 Seconds To Mars 2002 self-titled debut using only his brother, Shannon, on drums.
3111992 -  
Forming in Omaha, 311 was a collection of friends for life according to Nick Hexum.
38 Special1980 - 1983 
.38 Special is Southern Rock's premier singles group.
+442006 -  
+44 is easily the best post-Blink 182 effort by any ex-member or combination thereof.
5 Seconds Of Summer2014 -  
Despite the name, 5 Seconds Of Summer are not from the U.S. Northwest, but rather Australia.
7dayBinge2009 -  
7dayBinge has 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell, MuzikMafia guitarist Jon Nicholson, Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olson and drummer Shannon Boone.
A Day To Remember2005 -  
A Day To Remember's Homesick, just missed making its debut in the Top 20 on the Billboard 200 chart.
A Perfect Circle2000 -  
A Perfect Circle's fans are right when they say there is a world of difference between the group's debut and their sophomore effort.
AC/DC1977 -  
AC/DC's Angus Young came home from school and without changing, rushed off to band practice. An icon was born.
AFI1999 -  
AFI started out as high school skaters making noise in the garage but managed, as so rarely happens, to coalescence into something worth listening to.
ASHES diVIDE2008 -  
ASHES dIVIDE was founded by A Perfect Circle vet Billy Howerdel, a one-time guitar tech for Tool.
Sail, AWOLNATION's lead single from their debut album, Megalithic Symphony, peaked at #10 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart and went platinum in the U.S.
Abigail Williams2008 -  
A notable thing about Abigail Williams was that they had more in-and-out traffic than a shopping mall.
Academy Is2005 -  
Academy Is play clean, high energy, melodic Rock.
Accept1983 -  
Accept's Balls To The Wall, was the band's only effort to be certified gold in the United States and Canada.
Act Of Defiance2015 -  
Act Of Defiance inked a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records and recorded their debut album with producer Zeuss.
Adam Ant1979 - 1982 
Stuart Goddard started as lead singer for Bazooka Joe, but when that failed, he moved on, becoming Adam of Adam and the Ants.
Bryan Adams 1984 - 1987 
Bryan Adams led with lean, fast moving songs.
Ryan Adams2001 -  
Whiskeytown's volatile frontman, Ryan Adams hit the solo road following his band's demise.
Adelitas Way2009 -  
Adelitas Way's Home School Valedictorian, produced two #1 Active Rock Radio hits.
Adema2002 -  
Adema's vocalist Mark Chavez worked as a daycare supervisor and even thought about becoming a teacher.
Adler2012 -  
Adler, named after original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler, issued their debut album, Back From The Dead. That could almost be the title of Adler's biography.
The Adored2006 -  
The Adored ride the rail between the sublime and the obvious with enough power-pop Punk (emphasis on power pop) to get them out of the tightest spots.
Adrenaline Mob2011 -  
Adrenaline Mob was formed by singer Russell Allen (Symphony X), guitarist Mike Orlando and drummer Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater).
Aerosmith1977 - 1986 
Aerosmith like all great bands, was over the top.
Afghan Whigs1990 - 1998 
Afghan Whigs play Punk Psychedelic Soul.
After The Burial1996 -  
Wolves Within, After The Burial's fourth studio, peaked at #2 on Heatseekers chart and #9 on the U.S. Hard Rock survey.
Against Me!2002 -  
Against Me!'s chaotic Punk sound was unleashed on the brilliantly titled Reinventing Axl Rose.
The Agonist2007 -  
Did The Agonist jettison White-Gluz in favor of Vicky Psarakis. Or did White-Gluz have her own Arch Enemy agenda?
Airbourne2008 -  
Airbourne's Runnin' Wild contains the title track, Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast and Diamond In The Rough.
Alabama Shakes2012 -  
Alabama Shakes could have been an opening act for Creedence Clearwater Revival. Gospel and Swamp Rock R&B are intertwined.
The Alarm1982 - 1987 
Alarm's Declaration is their statement of purpose.
Alice Cooper1971 - 1972 
There are three great Alice Cooper records: Killer, School's Out and Billion Dollar Babies.
Alice In Chains1992 -  
Alice In Chains did everything a Grunge group should do. They formed in Seattle, had drug problems, did an Unplugged set, and a ballad was their biggest pop hit.
Alien Ant Farm1999 - 2006 
Alien Ant Farm's indie debut Greatest Hits is a good start but follow-up ANThology is far better.
Alien Crime Syndicate1998 - 2002 
Starting in San Francisco, Alien Crime Syndicate soon moved to L.A. where they nailed a major label deal.
Alkaline Trio1997 -  
Like countless other bands, Alkaline Trio built there reputation with a combination of indie releases and touring.
All That Remains2002 -  
All That Remains has been called a Baby Killswitch.
All Time Low2005 -  
All Time Low's fourth album featured the single I Feel Like Dancin'.
All-American Rejects2002 -  
With the name All-American Rejects it's easy to assume they might hail from Norman, OK, or thereabouts but the absence of angst and rage clearly points to Stillwater.
Allman Brothers Band1969 -  
The best of the '70s Southern Rock groups, the Allman Brothers Band hit their peak with the live At The Fillmore East album.
Duane Allman1969 - 1971 
Like actor James Dean, Duane Allman was one of those show biz phantoms who was purely of his time but tragically departed well before his time.
Gregg Allman1973 -  
Gregg Allman released a successful solo album, Laid Back, in '73.
Allo Darlin'2010 -  
Allo Darlin's self-titled full-length debut dropped in '10 with sophomore set Europe arriving two years later.
Alt-J2012 -  
Alt-J is jangly post-Rock with Radiohead leanings.
Alter Bridge2004 -  
Alter Bridge tread the line between post-Grunge and Hard Rock.
Altitudes & Attitude2014 -  
David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Frank Bello (Anthrax), both bassists, formed Altitudes & Attitude with drummer Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle).
Alvvays2014 -  
Alvvays' self-titled debut album was recorded in Calgary with producer John Agnello (Hold Steady, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.).
Amaranthe2011 -  
Amaranthe's third album, Massive Addictive, nailed the top spot on the U.S. Heatseekers Chart.
Amazing Baby2009 -  
The name Don Devore is familiar to fans of Ink & Dagger, Frail, The Icarus Line - and the Brooklyn-based Amazing Baby.
Amboy Dukes  
There were two incredible things about the Chicago-based Amboy Dukes. The first was the top-notch psychedelic song Journey To The Center Of The Mind and second, their guitarist was Ted Nugent.
Ambulance LTD2003 -  
Ambulance LTD's mode of operation is a rhythm guitar rolling through chords as Marcus Congleton emotes.
American Head Charge2001 - 2005 
On the American Recordings imprint and under the tutelage of producer Rubin, the group delivered The Art Of War.
American Hi-Fi 
American Hi-Fi was launched following the Gordon sessions, Using Jones' native Boston as base, the group began working on songs.
Amorphis1994 -  
Amorphis was founded by Jan Rechberger (drums), Tomi Koivusaari (vocals/rhythm guitar), and Holopainen in '90 as a Death Metal act.
Anberlin2003 -  
Anberlin formed in '02 following the disintegration of the Christian Rock group SaGoh 24/7 (Servants After Gods Own Heart).
Andrew W.K.2001 -  
Andrew W.K. released his debut EP Girls Own Juice in '99 and Party Til You Puke a year later.
Angels & Airwaves (AVA)2006 -  
Angels & Airwaves debut album peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200, and went gold in both the US and Canada.
The Animals1964 - 1966 
The Animals, who got their name from some shocked club patron who exclaimed the band looked like a bunch of animals, followed the Beatles to the U.S. with an updated version of the Blues song House of the Rising Sun.
Annihilator1989 -  
With a name like Annihilator you'd expect a high body count. Not counting the current line-up, Annihilator has had 30 members.
Another Animal2007 -  
Rombola, Larkin and Merrill recruited Ugly Kid Joe vocalist Whitfield Crane and brought in former Godsmack guitarist Lee Richard to form Another Animal.
The Answer2006 -  
The Answer, a Northern Ireland band, was formed by guitarist Paul Mahon.
Antagonist2006 - 2010 
Like countless groups before them, Antagonist made their initial mark with a series of self-released EPs.
Antemasque2014 -  
Antemasque's debut single was the surprisingly Punk influenced 4 A.M.
Anthrax1984 - 2004 
Named after a lethal toxin, Anthrax rode a couple of great records to a long career.
Arcade Fire2004 -  
Arcade Fire combine airy, ethereal guitars with quaking vocals.
Arch Enemy1996 -  
The Swedish Death Metal band Arch Enemy presented vocalists from three different countries.
The Arcs2015 -  
The Arcs debut album Yours, Dreamily was recorded over a two week period in Queens, NY, L.A., and at Dan Auerbach's Nashville studio.
Arctic Monkeys2006 -  
Arctic Monkeys have lean, hook filled approach.
Army Of Anyone2006 - 2007 
Before their self-title debut was released, Army Of Anyone garnered a lot of attention, even the deadly word, supergroup, was mentioned.
Art Brut2007 -  
Art Brut's Bang Bang Rock And Roll (great title) is an endearingly pretentious shot of slashing guitars and affected talking-singing vocals.
Art Of Anarchy2015 -  
Art Of Anarchy had singer Scott Weiland (Velvet Revolver/Stone Temple Pilots) and former Guns N' Roses guitarist, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal.
As I Lay Dying2007 - 2012 
As I Lay Dying formed in San Diego around Tim Lambesis and drummer Jordan Mancino.
Asia1982 - 1983 
Asia came about when Carl Palmer, Steve Howe, John Wetton and Geoff Downes joined forces.
Asking Alexandria2009 -  
Asking Alexandria's From Death To Destiny debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200, with first week sales of 41,000 units
Ataris2003 -  
Ataris released so long astoria in '03.
Atlanta Rhythm Section 1972 - 1979 
They're Lynyrd Skynyrd Lite or Toto of the South - the Atlanta Rhythm Section.
Atlas Genius2012 -  
The one song that got the Aussie Indie Rock group Atlas Genius noticed was Trojans.
Atoms For Peace2013 -  
Atoms For Peace took took their name from the title of a song on Thom Yorke's solo debut, The Eraser.
Atreyu2001 -  
Atreyu is also the name of the main protagonist in the fantasy, The Neverending Story.
Attack Attack!2008 -  
Although Attack Attack! songs contain Christian-based lyrics, they do not consider themselves a Christian band.
Audioslave2004 - 2006 
Audioslave Rocks with more accessibility than, oh, say Rage Against The Machine.
While Audiovent had a notable musical pedigree, their rise was hardly a slam-dunk.
Avatar2012 -  
Hail The Apocalypse was Avatar's first album to land on the Billboard Top 200.
Avenged Sevenfold2001 - 2013 
Avenged Sevenfold developed a Metal/Punk hybrid.
Aztec Camera1983 - 1984 
Aztec Camera was built around guitarist/vocalist Roddy Frame.
alt-J2012 -  
Alt-J's An Awesome Wave won the '12 British Barclaycard Mercury Prize.
 Rockin'Artist Bios B
 Artist Prime Years 
B-52s1979 - 1984 
Drinking away the evening in a Chinese restaurant in Athens, GA, future members of the B-52s, decided to form a group.
Babes In Toyland1990 -  
While Babes In Toyland was an inspiration to some in the Riot Grrrl world, they never associated themselves with that movement.
Babyshambles2006 -  
With producer Mick Jones, who worked on the Libertines' albums, the Babyshambles recorded Down In Albion.
Sebastian Bach1996 -  
So what if nobody remembers whether Sebastian Bach (Sebastian Philip Bierk) was in Motley Crue, Poison or Skid Row. Bach developed an impressive ability to hang around and hang on.
Bachman-Turner Overdrive1974 - 1977 
Bachman-Turner Overdrive took a very blue-collar approach toward their music.
Bad Company1977 - 1979 
Amid rumors Bad Company was splitting, lead singer Paul Rodgers was holed up in the studio recording the group's last hurrah.
Bad English1989 - 1991 
Bad English can be seen as The Return of The Babys or Journey II.
Bad Religion1988 -  
Bad Religion formed in north L.A. with Gurewitz, vocalist Gregg Graffin, bassist Jay Bentley and drummer Jay Ziskrout.
Badfinger's second and third albums, No Dice and Straight Up, frame the group's brief period at the top.
Badlands1989 - 1991 
Badlands guitarist Jake E. Lee and vocalist Ray Gillen had a falling out during the recording of the group's second album.
Band Of Horses2004 -  
Band Of Horses play mood music; emotive in a low-key, unobtrusive way.
Band Of Skulls2010 -  
Band Of Skulls play raunchy Rock.
The Band1968 - 1975 
Had the Band disappeared after Music From Big Pink they would have created more than enough to be remembered.
The Bangles1984 - 1988 
TBangles made their major label debut with All Over The Place.
Barenaked Ladies1996 - 2000 
The Barenaked Ladies were probably driven by the desire to put a totally goofy name on the marquee to attract a lot of walk-in traffic.
Courtney Barnett2015 -  
Courtney Barnett's debut full-length album was Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit.
Baroness2007 -  
Red Album, Blue Record and Yellow & Green were the titles of the first three Baroness albums.
Bayside2004 - 2007 
Bayside, who formed around vocalist/guitarist Anthony Raneri and bassist Andrew Elderbaum, recorded a couple EPs and two full-length albums.
Be Your Own Pet2006 -  
Be Your Own Pet is glorious Punk from start to finish. Jemina Pearl Abegg is like the girl next door-if you live near a women's penitentiary.
Beach Boys1962 - 1967 
The Beach Boys were the product of a pushy father, three talented brothers, a cousin and a friend.
Beach House2006 -  
French-born Victoria Legrand and Baltimore native Alex Scally began working together in Charm City (Baltimore).
Beady Eye2010 -  
It's proper Rock n' Roll, Liam Gallagher said of Beady Eye.
Beartooth2014 -  
Beartooth was nominated for Best New Band at the '15 Metal Golden Gods Awards.
Beastie Boys1986 - 1994 
The Beastie Boys' debut Licensed To Ill successfully merges Rock and Rap.
The Beatles1962 - 1970 
McCartney's announcement of his departure from and the de facto end of The Beatles on April 9th, 1970 was front-page news.
The Beatles1962 - 1970 
Beatles reunion rumors abounded but they ended with John Lennon's murder.
Jeff Beck/Jeff Beck Group1967 - 1970 
Jeff Beck had replaced Eric Clapton in the Yardbirds. Now Beck had left, leaving Jimmy Page to hold the fort. Beck's first solo efforts were a pair of inconsequential novelty songs.
Beck1994 -  
Beck was born in L.A., into a musical family, with the moniker Beck David Campbell.
Pat Benatar 
Pat Benatar was singing in New York's Catch A Rising Star when she caught the attention of club owner Rick Newman who became her manager.
Brendon Benson2006 -  
Who is Brendon Benson and why should anyone care? Prior to The Raconteurs that would have been a valid question.
Chuck Berry1955 - 1964 
Without Chuck Berry Rock 'n' Roll may never have happened, or, at the very least, it would have been vastly different.
Best Coast2010 -  
Best Coast are jangling guitars, staccato rhythms and girl group longing.
Better Than Ezra1995 -  
A suicide, label bankruptcy and a couple of comebacks mark Better Than Ezra's lengthy career.
Between The Buried And Me2005 -  
Between The Buried And Me is a great name for a Prog Metal/Death Metal band. It came from a line in the Counting Crows' song Ghost Train.
Big Brother & The Holding Company1967 - 1968 
Big Brother & The Holding Company's Cheap Thrills, with several tracks recorded live, is a true classic.
Big Deal2011 -  
Big Deal's sophomore set June Gloom dropped in '13.
Birds Of Satan2014 -  
Birds Of Satan released their self-titled debut with contributions from Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Rami Jaffee (Wallflowers), and Pat Smear (Nirvana).
Black Angels2006 -  
Black Angels took their name from the Velvet Underground song The Black Angel's Death
Black Cards2010 -  
With Fall Out Boy, is on hiatus, bassist Pete Wentz weighed in with Back Cards.
Black Country Communion2010 -  
Black Country Communion sound like Mark IV Deep Purple with touches of Zeppelin (the acoustic side) and Sabbath.
Black Crowes1990 - 1996 
Stay true to your vision and you shall prevail. That could be the Black Crowes motto.
Black Flag 
Black Flag was founded 1977 by guitarist Greg Ginn who also started SST Records to release his band's albums.
Black Keys2003 -  
The Blues-Rock duo Black Keys were part of the lo-fi movement.
Black Label Society1999 -  
The Blessed Hellride stands as Black Label Society's premier effort.
Black Light Burns2007 -  
Black Light Burns was essentially a Wes Borland solo project but he received extensive studio help from a revolving cast.
Black Lips2002 -  
The Black Lips are really ex-Renegades but more than a simple name change was involved.
Black Oak Arkansas1972 - 1974 
Between 1972 and 1975, Black Oak Arkansas released one and often two albums a year while constantly touring.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club2003 -  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club built a solid San Francisco base before extending their reach to the L.A. club circuit.
Black Sabbath1969 - 1975 
Black Sabbath's second album was one of the all-time great Metal LPs.
Black Star Riders2012 -  
After working under the Thin Lizzy banner for a decade-and-a-half, band members announced that they were retiring the name to become Black Star Riders.
Black Stone Cherry2006 -  
Stone Black Cherry operate under the influence of Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Black Crowes.
Black Tide2005 -  
Black Tide was slated to play the second stage of Ozzfest, but were removed from that slot because the stage was sponsored by Jagermeister (a liqueur) and all of the members of Black Tide were under the legal drinking age.
Black Veil Brides2010 -  
Black Veil Brides are Post-Punk Glam laced with Nu Metal.
Bleachers2014 -  
Jack Antonoff (Fun) kept his one man band a secret right up until the release of Bleachers debut single.
Blind Faith 
Blind Faith had Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood.
Blind Melon1992 - 1993 
Blind Melon struggled though a couple of false starts before their debut album was released in '92.
Blink-1821997 - 2011 
Bink-182 spent 1996-97 on the Warped Tour being embraced by the skaters, surfers and snowboarders.
Bloc Party2004 - 2008 
The Bloc Party story begins at the Reading Festival where singer/guitarist Kele Okereke and guitarist Russell Lissack were introduced through mutual friends.
Blondie1977 - 1980 
Blondie formed around the nucleus of Deborah Harry, an ex-Playboy bunny, and her husband/guitarist Chris Stein.
Blood, Sweat & Tears  
Blood Sweat and Tears hits include You've Made Me So Very Happy, Spinning Wheel and the surprisingly cheerful When I Die.
Blue Cheer  
Calling Blue Cheer's version of Summertime Blues a cover isn't exactly accurate. They annihilated the song and in doing so laid the foundation for Heavy Metal.
Blue October2000 -  
Blue October formed in Houston with a two guitar line-up. Thanks to Ryan Delahoussaye, they also incorporated violin and mandolin.
Blue Oyster Cult1976 - 1977 
Blue Oyster Cult hail from Long Island.
Blues Magoos 
Originally known as the Trenchcoats, the Blues Magoos hailed from New York.
Blues Traveler1995 - 1998 
Like the Grateful Dead, Blues Traveler cultivated an audience playing a timeless brand of Rock that featured extended jams.
Blur1992 - 1994 
Blur started as Seymour. But when they signed their first record deal the only proviso was a name change.
BoDeans1993 - 1996 
Like the Rembrandts, the BoDeans are best remembered for a song that became TV show theme.
Bon Jovi1984 -  
Bon Jovi is more blue collar than spandex.
Gary U.S. Bonds1960 - 1963 
Gary 'U.S.' Bonds' Quarter To Three, released in '61, was his only #1.
Bono1980 -  
U2 is fronted by Paul Hewson, who had changed his name to Bono Vox, and then simply, Bono.
Booker T. & The MGs1965 - 1970 
Though best remembered for their vibrant instrumental hits Green Onions and Time Is Tight Booker T. & The MGs played a vital role in 60's Soul.
Boomtown Rats1977 - 1982 
Two things come to mind when discussing the Boomtown Rats-the song I Don't Like Mondays and frontman Bob Geldof's charity work.
Bosnian Rainbows2013 -  
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez formed Bosnian Rainbows with fellow Mars Volta vet Deantoni Parks.
Boston1976 - 1978 
When Boston's debut album hit the airwaves, More Than A Feeling, Foreplay/Long Time and Peace Of Mind became the most played songs of the '70s.
David Bowie1972 - 1982 
No one in Rock has been more consistently influential than David Bowie.
Bowling For Soup2000 -  
The best place to start is with Bowling For Soup's Hangover You Don't Deserve.
Box Tops 1965 - 1968 
The Box Tops might have been as mainstream as the Turtles if it weren't for one thing: Alex Chilton.
Boxcar Racer2002 - 2002 
Thanks to Tom DeLonge, many tracks on Box Car Racer's self-titled debut don't sound much different from Blink-182.
Brandon Boyd2010 -  
On The Wild Trapeze, Brandon Boyd comes across as an acoustic leaning Prog Rocker.
Boys Like Girls2006 -  
Boys Like Girls is all about relationships and their various iterations.
Brand New2001 -  
By the time Brand New issued their fourth studio album, Daisy, band members had come a long way from their Long Island roots and the Rookie Lot.
The Bravery2005 -  
The Bravery's self-titled full-length album features the singles Unconditional and An Honest Mistake.
Breaking Benjamin2002 -  
Playing in their native Philly burbs, an area known as Wilkes-Barre, Breaking Benjamin built a notable reputation.
Breeders1993 - 1994 
Cannonball is the Breeder's signature song.
Brides Of Destruction 
Providing a trial by fire, Nikki Sixx booked Brides Of Destruction as the opening act at a Mudvayne/Taproot concert to see whether vocalist London LeGrand could handle the pressure.
Bring Me The Horizon2006 -  
Bring Me The Horizon incorporated classical, electronica and pop into their third album, There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret.
James Brown1962 - 1984 
James Brown: The Hardest Working Man In Show Business, Mr. Dynamite and The Godfather of Soul.
Jackson Browne1971 - 1983 
If there ever was a poster boy for the singer-songwriter movement, it was Jackson Browne.
Brownsville Station1973 - 1974 
Smokin' In The Boy's Room was just about all Brownsville Station left behind. But it shouldn't have been that way.
Buckcherry2000 -  
You'll have to look long and hard to find a better debut than Buckcherry's.
Lindsey Buckingham1981 - 1992 
Having been a creative force behind two of the '70s biggest selling albums, Lindsey Buckingham could have spent the remainder of his career trying to replicate those successes.
Buffalo Springfield1967 - 1969 
Buffalo Springfield had three guitarist/vocalists:Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Richie Furay.
Built To Spill1994 -  
It was Neil Young's plaintive expressiveness that struck a chord with Doug (sometimes Dug) Martsch, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the Boise based Built To Spill.
Bullet For My Valentine2005 -  
Bullet For My Valentine's Michael Paget uses every incendiary guitar technique available-machine gun riffs, searing licks and seismic power chords.
Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes2012 -  
Eric Burdon And The Greenhornes, a four-song EP dropped on Record Store Day-Black Friday (11/23/12).
Bush 1994 - 2001 
Tagged early on as Nirvana-wannabes Bush formed in London with Gavin Rossdale and Nigel Pulsford.
Butcher Babies2013 -  
Butcher Babies' sophomore set, Take It Like A Man, landed at #5 on the U.S. Indie Chart.
Byrds 1965 - 1966 
The Byrds had a unique talent for interpretation.